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Calling all BBC Apprentice fans

It’s the start of October and that means the return of The Apprentice on BBC 1. In our office, it’s something we have enjoyed over the past 13 years and in that time we have devised a simple game between ourselves to try and pick who will get fired each week. Well, this year we […]

Don’t plan your marketing until you’ve read this!

Xposure recently worked alongside E-consultancy and Experian by taking part in their annual survey to judge the developments in marketing, specifically current spending and budgets. The survey interviewed over 500 businesses and clients to discover the latest statistics and figures, and to produce the report which will set back those not involved by £250! We’ve […]

How Apps Can Help You Build Customer Engagement

Following an article we wrote last year about Burberry’s increased use of social media throughout fashion week in London, it has come to my attention that more brands are embracing the digital age including Topshop who are using their mobile app to engage users throughout the fashion event.

Branded YouTube pages- broadcast yourself!

Spread the word with your own YouTube Channel When YouTube began in 2005, the site was a utopia of different videos, from individuals, about anything and everything. Brands and businesses have been fearful of the uncontrollably free nature of the site and often avoided it completely to ensure they weren’t mixed up in all the […]

Use your Twitter page as a marketing tool

  You see brands building their reputations online all the time, they seem to have millions of followers and are really connecting with their audience. This is obviously a great thing to get people talking about your brand, but this doesn’t necessarily equate to money for your business. Here are the best ways to create […]

Will you “like” the new Facebook layout?

Why does Facebook Keep Changing? I am perfectly happy with the way Facebook was, I was enjoying “liking” things and browsing my home page for updates from friends and relatives.  Contrary to my views, Facebook have announced this week, that coming our way is a brand new Facebook layout. With the new layout I can […]

Why you shouldn’t forget social media in a crisis.

Finger’s crossed this will never happen, and for a many years it might not. We all hope for plain sailing on calm seas for our business, but sometimes, lurking around the corner a hooded figure is there watching your work and can at any moment cause a crisis. Although there are systems you’ve put in […]

7 websites to help your business grow

Thanks for visiting us. To put this page together I’ve used some of the websites I talked about, so I hope you can see how effective they are. Below is the slideshow, using slideshare. Below that is the ‘cheat sheet’ or quick guide to getting started. Click on the graphic to view in full screen. […]

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