Rank for the terms that make a real difference to your business and increase your ROI by attracting the right people from organic searches.

Why invest in Search Engine Optimisation?

You’ve got a great website that visitors love, but at the moment you either a) don’t have any organic traffic or b) You’re paying a fortune to advertise to get people to your website. If only you could get higher in the natural results, your CPA (cost per acquisition) would go down and your ROI (Return on Investment) would go up. Winner!

The problem is you’ve not sure who to trust to deliver. You’ve heard so many false promises already. You’ve received an email every day for months telling you, they can get you to the top and your keywords are not ranking! (like they know what your keywords are!!)

Well, we work every month for our clients with full transparency on what works and what needs improving. No tie-ins to long contracts, just 30-days notice, to keep us on our toes and you have total peace of mind.


Our Proven 6-step process to SEO success

Ranking in Google, Bing and other major search engines takes patience, knowledge and a deep understanding of how it works. Changes made today can take weeks or months to make a difference and it is the culmination of small changes that mount up to big gains.

To do this successfully, as we have for our clients we have a 6-step approach…

1. Current Website Audit

Firstly it’s important to know where we are starting from. What is working well (we don’t want to break it) and what needs improving? We can use SEO tools and AI to run an audit on your website to understand the good, the bad and the ugly.

The audit will give us insight into what we need to improve first and what will make the biggest improvements the quickest.

2. Competitor Research

Also, part of our research phase is to look at your biggest competitors and see what they are doing online. What is working for them, and what are they focussing on? Again, we can learn about the tactics and strategies they are employing. We can then discuss and develop our strategy to compete with them if the budget allows or take a different, more astute path. The important thing here is not to reinvent the wheel. Learn from what others are already doing and winning with.

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3. Keyword Research

Using our keyword research tools we can conduct keyword research relevant to your products/services and audiences. What search queries does your ideal customer type in? What are the problems your product/service solves? What keywords do they type into Google and Bing at the different stages of the marketing funnel?

Working together we can select a list of really relevant keywords and keyphrases to target, monitor and analyse.

4. Develop an SEO strategy

Putting it all together is the clever bit. Generating a strategy of what we know, what we want to achieve and what results we are aiming for. keeping everyone focussed and on task. Each month we work to deliver those results.

The strategy is always available to review and over time is reviewed and tweaked to remain relevant based on further knowledge, research and changes to our competitor’s tactics.

Develop a Strategy

5. Implementation and data tracking

By using industry-leading software, we can track our own changes and effects as well as competitors. Making changes and seeing how they affect our website and our position in the search engines. Tracking the changes and spotting new opportunities to feedback into the strategy.

6. Analysis and feedback. update the strategy

Analysing what we have done, what we have achieved and making sure we are on track to deliver. Feeding back into the strategy document from what we learn from our own website as well as our competitors.

Using it to spot opportunities and implement them to gain an advantage.

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No Quick Wins with SEO

SEO is not a quick fix. SEO will not fix a poor website, with limited content and poorly written information.

SEO is an ongoing investment in your website, to optimise the information and content on it. If the content is not there, then we will work with you to expand the information, and write high-quality content blog posts to make it rankable. SEO continues to change and evolve. Google changes, updates and adapts its algorithm several times a year. This is to catch out those that abuse the system.

SEO takes time, dedication and patience. Google does not want to quickly promote a website up the ranks until it is sure that it is genuine and trustworthy. It certainly does not want to scam its users.

Remember, as you are changing your website to improve its ranking, competitors may be changing theirs. That’s where it is important to create a deliverable and achievable SEO strategy that meets your budget. We work with you to create such a strategy – based on our research findings and your budget.

Next Steps?

It’s not too late to start with SEO

Every day your competitors may be investing in SEO, strengthening their position. Every day you are left behind, making it harder to catch up. But it’s not too late. Our research can help you find keyword niches, start with them and grow from there. Our search engine marketing strategies can deliver results that have real ROI.

BCP top the Google results for their keywords

We have worked with BCP for over 10 years now, not just on SEO, but all their marketing. One part of that has been improving their search engine traffic each month so they remain at the top of the search results for their keywords.

Over the past decade, their competitors have expanded, but they remain at the top for their keywords. Driving visits to the website and enquiries.

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Xposure & SEO

The principle of SEO is very simple. Google is trying to show the best answer to a person’s search query, based on who they are, where they are and what their actual need is.

Xposure has been doing SEO for clients in Mansfield, Newark, Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands for over 12 years. By following the guidelines, together we can create content that is useful for our audience, ranks well on Google and improves our ROI.

Talk to us about SEO. Let us undertake a site audit to see where you are and let’s chat about what the options are available to you. No obligation.

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