We work with marketing managers, sales directors and business owners to apply proven strategies to increase visitors, leads and conversions across the web.

Larders UK

Over 3,000 visits in 2nd month after start-up launch.

Mansfield Garage Doors

Increase of 133% in online bookings compared to the previous year. See Case Study

Vaserlipo centre

Average of 44 new leads per month.
See Case Study


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XposureDIGITAL covers our digital marketing services, such as PPC, email marketing, SEO and social media to name a few.

Using our proven strategies and expertise we devise creative digital marketing campaigns to drive more traffic to your website and convert more of those visitors into leads or sales.

You receive optimised, targeted digital marketing that attracts the right potential clients and merges into your existing sales and marketing.

We are also experts at converting visitors into customers by applying CRO ‘conversion rate optimisation’. This means using everything from Google Ads to Facebook Ads to retargeting techniques to get as many conversions as possible.

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Digital marketing channels chosen based on your goals

With the breadth of services and channels available, we chose the best digital channels based on your requirements, not what suits us, or what we want. Depending on your audience, product or service we work with you to test, monitor and implement the best strategies to deliver your goals.

Your digital marketing tactics

With your knowledge of your industry and our digital expertise in working within other industries together, we can develop winning marketing tactics that deliver towards your goals.

Our library of proven ideas and techniques can be implemented in order of potential return based on your chosen goals.


We work with you to identify your target audience from your brand, so we can create highly focused digital marketing that resonates with your potential customers. Together we develop a digital marketing strategy based on your budget, goals and expectations.

We track and monitor the results using online tools and then analyses the results to feedback into the digital channels to tweak and focus the budget on the best possible returns. Each quarter we report and meet on the next steps, on possible improvements.

By implementing a development cycle and feedback loop, we maximise the budget, eliminate waste and improve your ROI, whether it’s visitors to your website, sign-ups to events, or leads for your services.

Don’t Limit your ROI with old technology and methods

Digital Marketing is a growth industry and new methods, ideas and technology are constantly being created. New online tools give better insights, more in-depth analysis undercover new potential and creative ideas generate new ways of working.

We invest heavily in our staff and in our training to make sure we are at the forefront of new technology and ideas. Our experts invest their time in analysing our client’s data to uncover new ideas and these can be migrated across different industries to generate new ways of working, to beat competitors and attract more leads.

Now, this isn’t an instant fix. This involves working closely together following a proven methodical workflow that maximises your return as quickly as possible.

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  • A bespoke digital marketing plan

  • Your own marketing team of experts working every month to improve ROI

  • Proven feedback loop to make incremental improvements every month

  • Access to analysis and reports

  • Quarterly meetings to review and plan

  • Transparency throughout


The Periodic Table of Features

Facebook Ads

Email Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Facebook Ads

Email Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost is dependant on the services chosen and the amount of work required to successfully manage those services. As a guide companies send between £500 – £1500 a month on services.

Do you guarantee results?

No and that’s because no-one can. It’s a bit like guaranteeing you’ll win the lottery – it’s not possible. What we can guarantee is that we will work diligently, effectively and use a proven process to maximise your results from your digital marketing. You will be kept informed throughout and we’ll meet every quarter to discuss results and plan our future quarters.

Can I change what I want, when I want?

In short yes. But this will be done through our quarterly meetings and planned in, so no long-lasting negative effects impact the success of your digital marketing.

Do I get access to campaign data and results

Of course. We provide you with a fully integrated admin area which links to the different services, so you can see the work we have done, the work we are undertaking and the data from those campaigns and projects. This is available to you 24/7

Can I cancel at anytime?

We offer a 30 day notice cancellation period. This is so we can disconnect all our services from your website and leave you with a functioning website, social media etc.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. What you see on our bespoke quote to you, is what you pay every month. Now, if you ask for extra work to be undertaken beyond the agreed quote, then we will quote you for it separately.

Do we meet regularly to discuss my account?

We meet quarterly to review the work undertaken and analyse the results on what worked well. We als then plan out the next quarters.

Can I choose what sort of digital marketing you’ll do for me?

Yes, through discussions and collaboration we can create a tailored plan to pick and choose which services will work best for your business. If you want to choose something which we don’t think is right, we’ll let you know and why.

Do I need to do my own social media posts?

This is dependent in the services you want, we offer full social media marketing management which includes strategy, content creation, creative design and scheduling. So it is completely up to you whether you would like this service, or part of.

Do I need to pay you for any Adverts or Google/Facebook/Whoever?

Yes you need to pay the advertisers rates. We take care of the payments though, by paying them direct. You have access to the accounts and can see the performance of the accounts and the payments made and spent.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting or remarketing as it is sometimes referred to, is the adverts you see after you have visited a website. This could be a specific product, or service you have viewed or just a brand reminder. When visitors are looking to purchase and visit lots and websites, it can be hard to remember what they saw where. Remarketing acts as a ‘reminder’ to a potential customer and they are more likely to return to your website after seeing this.

Does XposureDIGITAL come as a package or can you pick and choose which services to use?

All of our services are offered to you, however we work with you to tailor the services offered to your business. Through discussion you can choose the services you would like and we can offer advice and guidance to help you decide which package you need.

Next steps?

Contact us for an exploratory call to see if we fit your business needs. Let's discuss what success looks like for you.