Our ‘No-Hack Guarantee’ gives you peace of mind that your website is as secure as possible and should it be attacked, defaced or removed, we will work instantly to repair the damage and get everything back up and running.

What would you do if your website went down?

Imagine if your website got hacked or defaced. How would you feel? What would your customers think? You may think this is unlikely, but over 30,000 websites get hacked every day according to Forbes Magazine.

Most businesses don’t have a plan should their website go down or worse get defaced. If this was to happen to your website…

  • Do you know how to solve it?
  • Would your web design company help?
  • Or is it down to your hosting company?
  • Does your current contract with them cover this?
  • And how much would it cost to rectify?


Our ‘No Hack Guarantee‘ removes all the worry and stress

With our guarantee, we constantly monitor your website. we make sure the website is up to date and secure, so the chances of it being targeted are minimised.

What happens should the worse happen to your website?

Firstly we would remove the offensive website if it has been defaced, and replace it with a temporary holding page with further details for contacting yourselves.

We can then begin the process of tracking down the problem and removing the alien code or security hole.

Once this has been solved we can put up a copy of the website, with the security problem solved.

Your website is backed up every day for a rolling 30 days, so we always have copies of all your data.

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Website monitoring and backups

We constantly monitor your website. Checking for changes to code. installation of malware. Login attempts. Security updates and known security holes in plugins. Any information we receive we act on, so your website remains as secure as possible.

We also take daily backups offsite, so we have external copies should we require them to restore your website at a later date.

Minimise your hacking risk

We cannot guarantee that your website will never 100% never get hacked, but what we can guarantee is that we will minimise the risk and should it happen we will work tirelessly to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

No risk. No extra cost, it’s all included.

So you can relax knowing everything is being taken care of.

Does your current host do that?

Don’t wait until your website is hacked!

Don’t wait till the worse happens and it throws your website and business into turmoil. Taking you away from running your business – and costing you money. Secure your future now and take to us about hosting your website safely and securely.

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About Xposure

We have been hosting WordPress websites since 1996 when we built our very first website. Since then a lot has changed regarding what is needed, the security threat and what SMEs need to make their website a success.

We work with SMEs every day and are proud to keep their businesses online 24/7. Over the years we have learnt how websites get attacked and what mistakes business owners make with their hosting. Our ‘No-Hack Guarantee’ is designed to give peace of mind and keep your business running.


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