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How to Use Twitter for Marketing and Public Relations

As one of the most popular social networking sites ever, with an average audience of (not telling! You’ll have to read our UK Social Media Statistics 2012 post!), it’s important that your company is using social media, and specifically Twitter, to its full potential for marketing and public relations purposes.

How Not to do PR

How your company or business is perceived is so important in the current climate, it can help you to boost sales and create the effective persona that you want for your business to ensure you survive in difficult times. In general, people make their own opinions on your brand based on how they perceive the […]

How to use your social media like a PR professional

  Yet another example of social media influencing society and the way we work, comes in the form of the social media influence on press release distribution specifically important for those in the public relations industry. Research conducted by PR resource PRNewswire and Crowd Factory has found that 48% of press release sharing happens on […]

Do your PR like Lady Gaga!

Unique, talented, sexy and often down right strange, whether you’re commenting on her style, her music or her monsters, everyone knows what Lady Gaga is about. Lady Gaga has mastered her brand and this is down to effective Public Relations, building the reputation which, to this day, she relies upon to further her career. So, […]

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