As the country slowly begins to wake up out of lockdown and rumours begin on the whom and when businesses can begin again, now is as good a time as any to take stock and start to think about what you can do to get your business up and running smoothly as soon as possible.

We have this week been working with other clients, discussing and creating ideas on how to make their business work within the government guidelines and the possible restrictions that will most likely still apply.

There is still quite a bit on the unknown, so all this is subject to change, but by taking the time to think through what is likely and not and creating ideas that could work or possibly work at least it won’t be a standing start. Plus some of these ideas can be implemented now so your business is not the last one to the party.

Set your goal or target

When you do eventually open or ramp up your work, set yourself a goal or target on what you are aiming for. It is such an obvious and simple thing, but without it, many businesses can start to drift off and end up implementing ideas that don’t really move the needle.

  • Think about what you hope to achieve:
  • Is it retaining customers?
  • Is it hitting an average order value?
  • Does it relate to turnover or profit?
  • Is it increasing appointments?
  • Is it attracting new customers?

Whatever it may be, keep it simple and always keep it in mind. This will keep you on track and make sure with the limited time you have you only implant the most effective ideas.

8 ideas to implement when the lockdown lifts

1. Communicate

Firstly, whatever you decide to do, make sure you are already communicating with your audience, customers and suppliers. Make sure they have heard from you recently, so when you do let them know what you are planning it’s not out of the blue.

2. stand out

With lots of businesses and competitors all opening up around the same time, try and think of a way of standing out from the others. Can you divide a publicity stunt, to gain column inches or viral sharing online?

Whatever you may come up with, make sure you adhere to Government guidelines, as you don’t want it to turn into bad publicity.

Think about dressing up your business or yourself. Maybe pick a relevant theme, that your audience will remember.

3. Link to a charity

When you open, think about raising money or just even awareness for a charity related to you, or your business. Or just even a local charity. You can run a fundraiser for them or just support them by sharing their message. It does not always need to be financial.

Many charities have suffered during this crisis and just by raising awareness of what they do and their needs can be a massive help to them.

4. Mobilise the Power of Local PR

If you have something special going on don’t forget to let local news outlets know. Whatever you may be doing, offline and online media need to know and can help you share and get your message out.

Research online industry news outlets, local news and online news. Let them know what you are doing and monitor to see if you are getting publicity.

5. share share share

Whether you are doing a lot or a little, don’t forget to share on social media. Let your customers know, your suppliers and local business or related specialists groups. Remember, the more you tell the more you sell.

Social media is an easy one to use. It can be done safely and in the comfort of your own home at any time. You can easily monitor how it’s going and ask for help from others to spread the word on your behalf.

6. Run a competition.

You may not have much to give away, but you can always run a competition. it doesn’t have to be an expensive prize to work, sometimes the simplest can work the best.

Can you give way one of your services or an accessory? Can you give part of a service or product away? This can be quite cost-effective as it is worth more to the winner than it costs you.

It can be as simple as a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine, but if you can think of something a little more relevant or unique that can be better.

7. make an event of it

whatever you choose to do, think about whether you can add it as an event on Facebook? Again this gets shared across Facebook and your followers on Facebook can share it with their friends extending your reach.

8. Partner with another business

Can you partner with another business to promote your new opening extended working? Is there a related business you can work with, or a next-door neighbour business? Maybe you could contact a supplier to see if they can help?

By partnering you can spread the word further by promoting to both sets of customers. You could pool resources and be able to afford to do more.

Can we help?

We have been helping other customers put together ideas, and maybe we could help you? If you have an idea and are unsure of how to make it work or are struggling for time, we may be able to help you emerge from this lockdown stronger and fitter.

We love to hear what ideas you have come up with, and we’re happy to talk them through. They say 2 heads are better than 1 so book a time in below and we’ll have a chat.

Stay safe.

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