Dr Jacobus Vlok is one of the UK’s busiest cosmetic and aesthetic surgery providers – working across the country in a wide variety of prestigious clinics. We helped Dr Vlok promote his own ‘book direct’ service, allowing him to be less reliant on third party clinics and increase profit margins on his practice.

Dr Vlok & the VASERlipo Centre

Dr. Vlok and his team have successfully completed over 1,500 procedures on patients across the UK in the last 10 years, having become the ‘go-to’ experts in Vaserlipo (a minimally invasive alternative to liposuction) for many of the major Cosmetic Chains in the UK. Based in Nottinghamshire but with services available in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Reading and London – the consultations offered by Dr Vlok are not focused on liposculpting only, but are holistic in nature. The patient is assessed as a full picture, including health, physical options, alternative treatments, and setting realistic expectations.

Being so well regarded in the industry, there was an opportunity to offer greater flexibility to patients, and increase profitability by having the patients book directly with Dr Vlok, whilst still using the various clinics and surgeries around the country to perform the procedures

However it would mean competing with far larger, better known brands (and their considerable marketing budgets) whilst the team were still working with and along side many of these larger brands – and so avoiding the “disrupting the market” or “cutting out the middleman” angle often favoured in these circumstances

Ethical Considerations

This is, of course, a sensitive subject – dealing with issues of body image, anonymity, and other ethical concerns. Whilst we were contracted to help find more leads – this needs to be balanced with offering a genuinely informed choice to potential patients about such a big decisions.

These considerations are taken very seriously by both the client and ourselves.

We pride ourselves on producing better leads over simple volume of leads; finding the best leads by informing people and filtering out unsuitable candidates is a key part of our process. For example we introduced an online quiz that sent people to different websites to find more suitable treatments if Vaser Liposution was the best solution for them. This is handled at a much more advanced level by the client who in a one-to-one consultation discuss the best approach for the patient – even if that approach isn’t amongst the clinical services that the VaserLipo Centre offers.

BUilding the website

Vaserlipo and liposculpting procedures are suitable for addressing a large number of issues, which means while the target audience is large, it varies wildly demographically, in gender, age, ethnicity and background.

With this in mind, we set out to first build the main website – the VaserLipo Centre that would serve as a hub for the majority of the services, adding more specialised websites later under the umbrella of the VaserLipo Centre brand.

We launched the main website with a handful of core services, with the main objectives of establishing…

Help website visitors build trust and confidence in Dr Vlok, his experience and dedication to patient care.

To explain the advantages of Vaserlipo over traditional liposuction and alternatives.

Make it easy for visitors identify what procedures were best for their particular issues,

Capture these visitors as leads for to be qualified as suitable patients by consultation.


We built other websites for certain ‘Tentpole’ services that Dr Vlok Specialises in. These are different websites, for different specialisms, and audiences.

They range from single landing pages, microsites, to full fledged websites – all under the VaserLipo brand umbrella. They were required to be appear related to the VaserLipo Centre brand, but each with their own focus, better suited to their individual audience.

Aura Aesthetics

Offering cosmetic skin care and non-invasive face & body procedures, mostly aimed at middle-aged women.


Cankles is a condition of which only women seem to suffer from and refers to excess fat around the ankles and calf merging together.

Covid Testing

Small e-commerce website offering a range of COVID-19 Tests, performed by medically trained professionals.


Aimed specifically at younger men with body confidence issues relating to Gynaecomastia, which is easily remedied with Vaser Liposuction.

Ongoing SEO

Working in partnership with Dr Vlok, his manager Aura and others on the team, we added more services to the VaserLipo Centre website, whilst tweaking the website for greater Search Engine Optimisation.

By learning which keywords and phrases were creating more leads, and informed by PPC google adword performance, we were able to adjust the services already available on VaserLipo website, and add additional services with these lessons in mind.

WHat we have achieved

  • Steady growth of website traffic to over 1,200 a month.
  • Improved month on month search engine rankings for the most important keywords (as of January 2021).
  • Completed over 500 SEO tweaks and improvements in 12 months to better compete with larger organisations.
  • Employed a strategy that increased back-linking by over 487%.
  • Provided an average of 44 website leads per month.

average website leads per month

increase in inbound links

What our client says…

“Thank you for your help and support with our marketing campaign. It made such a massive difference to our business and quality of life. We are now experiencing a steady inflow of quality leads and have finally gained control over our desired level of activity.”

– Dr Jacobus Vlok, VaserLipo Centre

Technology Used

Google tracking

Facebook tracking

Visitor recording


Visitor analytics


Form tracking




Back up


About Doctor Vlok

Dr. Vlok has successfully completed over 1,500 procedures on patients across the UK in 10 years. His dedication to honesty, expertise, and patient after care has made Dr. Vlok one of the top go-to vaser liposuction surgeons in the UK.

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