We originally started working with Curti when we produced their first version of the website several years ago. Since then we have gone onto help define their brand, logo, brochures and stationery.

ABOVE: Website homepage design

Website design

Recently we have just completed version 2.2 of their website which is mobile friendly and showcases more of their products and services. The open and airy design creates a clean, friendly atmosphere to visitors. The design of the product pages breaks down the features and benefits with links throughout the page to the call to action form at the bottom of each service page. Allowing us to track each form and make it easier for visitors to contact.

ABOVE: Spacesaver web page design

Printed literature

Completed folder and inserts follow on from the website design and inline with Curti Lifts branding. It showcases the different services available and supports the information on the website.

ABOVE: Curti Lifts folder with pocket, printed full colour both sides

Branding and logo

The brand for Curti was worked on first, by interviewing key staff members and reviewing previous marketing. We also looked at competitors, their messages and values. Then we presented back what we thought the brand values and positioning for Curti should be. We also provided mockups of what this would look like visually and working together we settled on the current design style.

ABOVE: Curti logo and strapline

What our client says…

“Working together we have completed rebuilt the website to reflect the wide range of lifts and industries we serve. Xposure worked tirelessly to de-construct and reconstruct the website to better serve our customers. The new website is a real bonus when we tender for work and attracts many positive comments with its unique friendly style.”

Lisa Emsley-Jones – Curti Lifts

Technology Used

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About Curti Lifts

Curti Lifts provide lifts and lift installation services to builders and construction companies throughout the UK. They pride themselves on a friendly helpful service from beginning right through to completion.

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