Opening Doors for Mansfield Garage Doors

We have worked with Mansfield Garage Doors on a monthly basis for several years now. In that time we have helped them on to the first page of Google for their target keywords in the Mansfield area.

Website homepage design for mansfield garage doors

ABOVE: Website homepage design

Working together, month on month

On a month by month basis we meet up and discuss the ongoing campaign. Ideas for future marketing and additions and improvements to the website. This is done through analysis on visits, Google analytics and form tracking. Over time we have added more information to the website which visitors require and improved the response rate of the forms.

Electric garage doors page design for Mansfield Garage Doors website

ABOVE: Website electric garage doors page design

Email marketing driving traffic

Email marketing is a part of the marketing mix and we provide support and help with monthly emails from Mansfield Garage Doors to their customer base. These include help and advice with garage doors and promoting their monthly service plan.

ABOVE: Example of Xmail email campaign

Using Adwords as a lead generating tap

Using Google Adwords we can track clicks, money spent and equate that to enquiries and jobs to prove the ROI. Now we are in a position to turn up or down Google Adwords to increase or decrease enquiries as required.

What our client says…

“Nigel and the team have really helped us get to grips with using digital marketing for our business. Working together we build upon the previous work and come up with creative ideas to attract more of our target customers and to remain at the leading edge of our market.

Nigel always comes up with great ideas which are relevant to our business and we build on our web-site each month, adding new and relevant information, which our customers are very complimentary about!”

Rachel O’Connor – Mansfield Garage Doors

Technology Utilised

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About Mansfield Garage Doors

Mansfield Garage Doors is a family run business serving Mansfield and the surrounding area. They provide Garage Doors of all kinds, Gates and entrance doors to the general public to enhance their home and improve security. They sell a range of manufacturers and can recommend the best solution for a customer’s requirements from their vast range.

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