XposureHUB is our flagship service that combines everything we know into one complete service.

In other words, we work with you every month, developing and refining your marketing and sales process using our fantastic marketing automation platform, so you can spend more time with the right clients who love what you do. This isn’t a one size fits all marketing and sales system, it is a framework we develop and build up that is unique to you and your business.

Drive great traffic

With creative marketing, borne out of your position in the market place we can position you where your potential clients are. Raise your brand and drive them to your website.

If they meet your criteria, we make sure we keep you at the forefront of their mind, by being where they are and using marketing automation to provide relevant information – on time.

Generate better leads

You’ll learn which channels give the best return. What to send to what person and when based on their behaviour. Instant notification when potential clients become ready to buy. All touchpoints with a client are recorded making it easy for others to take over a lead to cover holidays or absences.

Complete tracking & analysis

The whole process is tracked from first interaction through to completed sale. we can dissect and discover what works, what needs tweaking and what needs dropping. It is this continuous process of marginal gains of your system that gives you the results.

Technology, creativity & expertise

Our experience of marketing and advertising, with our creative design fused with AI technology, gives us the edge. We are your extended marketing team, working with you to inform and nurture your clients.

Save time & sell more

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Now, this is no magic wand, but all it takes is a proven plan, an understanding of your customer’s desires and some clever thinking and you’ll be well on the way.

We work with our clients every month, every quarter, every year to make sure we use our creativity and expertise to deliver great leads that are there best they can be. The systems we build and develop with you make sure that you get the right people. Less time-wasting talking to the wrong people, so you can concentrate on the people you need.

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Tools included

Email marketing
Automation workflows
Lead scoring
Smart Chatbots
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Integrated Video Calls
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Dynamic content
Social Media Monitoring
Touchpoint Sales pipeline
& Analytics
Email Syncing

All this from only £450 per month

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We use XposureHUB ourselves to manage our own leads so we don’t need pushy sales-people, we let our experience and knowledge do the talking for us.

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