Fast WordPress hosting plan for your website, which we actively keep updated, secure and running smoothly for your business success.

Don’t Put up with Unreliable Hosting and Service

Have you had a problem with your current hosting? Has something gone wrong and the faff and disruption sorting it out was time-consuming and expensive? Do you need hassle-free hosting that you can trust and rely on?

Then take a look at our WordPress website hosting plan. Your online presence is often the first impression and making sure it is there for all, reliable and working 24/7 makes the right first impression.


A Hosting Solution for Entrepreneurs

Our own WordPress website hosting platform has been built from the ground up to provide you with reliable, secure hosting. Included, as standard is:

  • Advanced load balancing – Your hosting adapts to high and low demand, so everyone can see your website
  • SSD storage – fast and reliable
  • Superfast StackCache caching – delivering your website quickly to visitors around the world
  • Monthly updates – we actively make sure your website has the latest and most secure version
  • High-quality hardware – reliable and fast whatever the demand
  • Friendly UK support – we are here to help keep your business moving

This delivers super-fast speeds to your visitors, all day every day, where ever they may be visiting from. Plus as your business and website grow, your hosting also scales up, so your performance is unaffected by your websites growing popularity.

Included with hosting

  • Our ‘No Hack’ guarantee
  • 10GB unlimited email hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Daily backup
  • Free SSL certificate when we host your domain name
  • CDN
  • WordPress optimisation
  • Your own control panel, should you or IT need access
  • Uptime monitoring

No-Hack Guarantee

Our hosting comes with our 100% ‘No Hack’ Guarantee. We work hard every day to keep your website safe and secure. Making it as hard as possible for hackers and scammers to access your website and do you harm. That is why we offer you our ‘No-Hack’ Guarantee.

We guarantee to keep your website up to the date with the latest secure versions of WordPress and plugins. The server software is up-to-date and to make your website one of the most secure WordPress websites on the web. Should the worse happen to your website, we will work to immediately restore it back to its latest version and close any security holes which caused the breach.

PCI compliance:
safe for business

Our servers are Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant. This means that our hosting servers are certified to be safe for Woocommerce online stores taking card payments, and undergo regular audits.

PCI standards are enforced through a group of major credit and debit card companies, like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Malware Scanning

Having malware on your site can be disastrous. It can compromise your security, leading to fraud or identity theft. It can harm your reputation and performance in search engines.

Your website will be checked for malware daily, with our Malware Scanning service. If any malware is found, we’ll just remove it – all part of the service. Plus we’ll patch up any security holes that allowed attackers to place it there in the first place.

WordPress Checksum report

As WordPress is so popular, it’s a popular target for criminal hackers. So we offer a WordPress checksum test. This checks the version of core WordPress stored in their repository against the one installed on our servers. If there is any difference, we’ll fix it.

File permissions checker

Are you sure that you have the correct permissions on your website files? If you don’t have the right permissions, someone might be able to access or change your data. Our file permissions checker will monitor your permissions and we’ll update them if it spots any potential problems.

DDOS Protection

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are usually what has happened when it’s reported that a website has been ‘taken down by hackers’. It involves flooding a server with fake requests as if millions of new people are visiting the site. This will prevent genuine users from accessing the site.

Our DDoS protection will filter out DDoS attacks. It can handle attacks of over 1 terabit per second, so even the largest attacks will be mitigated.

Daily Backup

If there’s ever a security issue with your website, it’s wise to have a recent backup to fall back on. We make automatic backups every day, so we can restore your website back to a previous version within 30 days.

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WordPress Hosting for WordPress websites

If you don’t have a WordPress website then this hosting is not for you. It has been specifically designed and configured to get the maximum performance from a WordPress website. If you run another CMS system, then this hosting is not suitable.

Don’t get caught out

If you are thinking that you need to upgrade, change or improve your hosting then act now. Don’t wait until it all goes Pete-tong (wrong) and stuck in a quagmire of web agencies, hosting providers, IT consultants all wanting mega-bucks to sort it out and each blaming the other for the mess. What a waste of time, money and effort.

Sign up today for a simple reliable and constant service. And should the worse happen, 1 phone call and we’re on it. No extra charges – no hassle. Guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know moving hosting and websites can seem a daunting task, but we have done it hundreds of times and we are here to take it off your hands and sort it all for you.

What if I get hacked?

Firstly, don’t panic. We have daily backups and can restore the website to its previous state quickly. Also, we will go through the website and find any ‘holes’ in its security that allowed attackers in. This is included in the monthly hosting. No extra charge.

Yes, we have several different migration options so we can migrate your existing WordPress website to us with minimal fuss straight from your control panel or WordPress dashboard.

We update the WordPress core for you whenever updates are released. If you install any third-party themes or plugins, we’ll also update them to from your WordPress dashboard. We make sure it is as secure and running efficiently, as it can be.

Our state-of-the-art data centre offers the latest in security and environmental technologies and is manned 24/7, ensuring your data and websites are secure and monitored at all times. We have a resilient national network and enterprise-level cloud platform so you get the best possible hosting experience.

If you would like to know more, give us a call on
01636 858113 or fill in the form and we’ll get back to you.

About Xposure

We have been hosting WordPress websites since 1996 when we built our very first website. Since then a lot has changed on what is needed, the security threat and what SME’s need to make their website a success.

We work with SME’s every day and are proud to keep their businesses online 24/7. Over the years we have learnt how websites get attacked and what mistakes business owners make with their hosting. Our hosting plans are designed to give peace of mind and keep your business running.




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