A process honed over 20 years of guiding hundreds of websites, allows us to create for you a website that works, looks great and delivers real results for your business

Is your current website just not working for you?

Hard to keep up to date. keep secure. generate leads from. Looking tired or old. out-of-date not reflecting your company, vision or values anymore. No one uses it. No visitors.

Are you looking to get more from your website? Maybe you were over-promised and under-whelmed by the last web design company and now you’ve lost faith in what can actually be achieved from a website? Maybe it’s out-of-date or your competitors have overtaken you with a better-looking more functional website. Maybe it’s sliding down search engine rankings? 


Whatever is wrong with your existing website we can help, plug the holes that leak enquiries, and poor user experience that scares away customers. Our proven process, which we have honed over 20 years, allows us first to understand your needs and apply our extensive knowledge and experience to deliver a solution that meets your goals and delivers results.

Complete website development solution

Our effective website design solution allows us to take what works from your existing website, re-engineer what doesn’t and add in a sprinkle of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) magic to make your website fast to load, look great and generate enquires and sales.

Not only does it convey your brand and reflect your company values externally, but it is also easy to use internally. The built-in design tools make updating text and images to hosting videos and interactive elements quick and easy. Our websites are straightforward to manage and stay fresher – longer.

Built on the WordPress platform, we secure your website through our 365 hosting and ‘No Hack’ guarantee. 

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Our 6-Stage design process for results

When we build a new website, we use a proven strategy to ensure we create the best possible website for your business. Finding out what you require (not always the same as what you thought you wanted), what your competitors are doing, who your customers are and how to engage them and persuade them to take action. You get trackable metrics, more visitors, more engagement and more enquires or sales. In other words, a website that makes a real difference to your business.

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1. Research

First and foremost we both need to understand what we are trying to achieve. What are the website’s primary and secondary goals? What do we need to track? What results do we expect and by when? Once we know our destination we can begin the research on how to get there.

We look at your existing website and dissect it to see what works, and what doesn’t. we look at your competitors and what is working for them. We talk to you and your team to find out about your customers, and your marketing funnel and learn about your business.

We also look at keywords and keyphrases and undertake research on what’s popular, what you rank for and what you should rank for. This can then be built into the strategy, so search engine optimisation is embedded within the website’s framework.

2. Website Strategy

From our research, we can put together a strategy on what your website needs to achieve its goals, how it needs to perform and how it needs to look, so it attracts the right people. So it educates them about your company, your services and your products and it delivers agreed results.

Also, together we select what keywords and keyphrases are important to the website. What attracts your ideal customer and make sure this is included in the strategy.

3. Graphic Design

Then we can begin the process of visually bringing your website to life. Bringing together exciting design elements that reflect who you are as a company. That embodies the style and values of the company, so it reflects the levels of service and quality visitors will receive from you.

Producing a sitemap on how the user experience and funnels will work on the website and how customers will navigate the site to make it easy for them to find the information they are searching for.

And of course, making sure the website utilises a responsive design so it works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, perfectly.

4. Content

We can start to put the content together. Images, text, descriptions, graphics, charts, video, interactive forms, quizzes, chatbots and other built-in features agreed upon in the strategy. Each item is designed to educate and persuade your ideal client to act, so you attain your goals and reap a return on your website investment.

5. Test

Before going live we test the website. Making sure it works correctly on all devices and modern browsers. Test to make sure the tracking is working correctly and data is being collected. We also set up dashboards to display chosen KPIs and goals.

6. Go Live

Once you say you are ready, we replace your old website with the new one. Redirect the old site and pages to the new one and let Google and Bing know about the changes. This way we minimise any fall in rankings for keywords as it changes from the old style to a fresh modern website that your clients will love.


Our hosting makes sure your website continues to work at its full capacity. We maintain any updates to the software and plugins. We make sure any later found security holes are patched and updated. This means your website remains secure and fast for visitors.

We create dashboards for analytics, so we can track how it is performing and continue to collect data after the website is complete. Plus, we can help you further with email marketing, visitor tracking, CRM, sales follow up and marketing automation.

About Hosting 'No hack' guarantee

Build a dynamic website

If you want a website you can build and leave, then that is not what we do. Websites are easy to update and provide a better experience for visitors when they are relevant and up-to-date.

If you want a website that is an asset for your business that is flexible. can change and adapt to the changing business environment and delivers tangible results then we can help. Plus an active website is seen as a positive thing when Google comes to ranking you in the search results.

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We have an easy process to find out how and if we can help you. A simple fact-finding meeting with be all we need to put together a proposal to make your website a real asset to your business.

Complete the simple form now and let’s start building a website you are proud of.

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What our clients say

Xposure is so much more than a website developer and creative marketing business. Their tools and approach have helped us streamline our business. Having a complete overview of our marketing emails, responses and interactions are essential for us to match the right information or offer, with the right person.

Karl Spencer SafetyPAL

Very professional and friendly company to work with. We’re now into year 3 of working with them and we have seen great results. Nigel and the team should get all the plaudits that they deserve. Would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone wanting a professional site/online marketing.

Shaimil Shah Opticare Opticians

Xposure has really helped our business embrace the digital age. Their expertise and creative ideas have helped us produce a website that reflects our business and who we are without looking generic. The latest website has helped us cross-sell to customers from other areas of the business and enquiries are up over 300%.

Christine Hill Taylors Transport

Nigel and the team have really helped us get to grips with using digital marketing for our business. Working together we build upon the previous work and come up with creative ideas to attract more of our target customers and to remain at the leading edge of our market.

Rachel O’Connor
Mansfield Garage Doors

Working together we have completed rebuilt the website to reflect the wide range of lifts and industries we serve. Xposure worked tirelessly to deconstruct and reconstruct the website to better serve our customers. The new website is a real bonus when we tender for work and attracts many positive comments with its unique friendly style.

Lisa Emsley Curti Lifts

Xposure have been constantly reliable and responsive, not only in maintaining and supporting the website but in developing innovative new features. It’s this combination of total reliability and innovative development that has made the website so effective for the gallery.

Keith Logan Gallery Top

About Xposure

Xposure Creative design agency built its first website in 1998. Since then we’ve watched the development of the internet, being part of its adolescence into a fully-fledged industry.

Over those 20+ years, a lot has changed. From simply having a presence on the web to interactive, immersive websites that deliver an experience for visitors. Now we are specialists in conversion rate optimisation and lead generation. Tracking and collecting data and analysing it to make better decisions that improve a business’s bottom line.

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Xposure's Second Website, 2001

Xposure’s Second Website, 2001

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