Using the Rugby World Cup to boost your Marketing & Sales

Using the Rugby World Cup to boost your Marketing & Sales

The Rugby World Cup is here in England and has started with a bang. You see the major brands on TV and in the press using the event to promote their wares, the country is feeling good about it, the pubs are full and most people are enjoying the event so far. So how do you tap in to this good will and improve your brand, your marketing and increase sales by connecting better with your clients?


Firstly think about who your target audience is? Are they likely to be Rugby fans – watching games, or not Rugby fans – avoiding the games? You need to decide which is the best group for you and your business.

To do this, don’t just think about your current customers as a whole, break them down. Think of individual groups of customers that are similar. Are they likely to be watching the Rugby, joining in? Or avoiding it? If you are unsure, give them a call and ask them. You can also ask them what they enjoy or hate about it, which will give you some inspiration for the offer.

Once you’ve decided on what’s best for your business, you can’t get it wrong – as long as you follow the advice in the next step.


So you have a pretty good idea of who you are targeting. So, where are these people likely to be? Are they on Twitter, Facebook, walking past your shop? On the end of a telephone? A combination of several? Whatever it is you need to know where you are going to find them, only then can you start to think about how to engage with them. Are they watching and live tweeting?

If your target is non-fans, they may be surfing Facebook instead of the game, or watching the other major channel instead.

The offer for Rugby fans

If you are trying to target Rugby fans, then during the build up to the game is a good time. This could be days or hours before, it all depends on your offer.

You could offer promotions related to the result. Predict the result and win. To enter they can tweet you, message you on Facebook or make a comment. They could email in, or a combination of all – remember it all depends on where your audience is.

You could offer cash back if England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland do X, Y or Z, get an entry for every sale over £x amount. Do your products have an international angle to them? Is there a country in the world cup your products relate to. Can you make a connection with them. Do you offer products from several countries in the World Cup? Could they have their own mini battle to see who wins?

Don’t forget to join in with the celebration and fun of the event. Do your staff like Rugby? Are there any Rugby super fans in your team? Can they write, talk about their passion? Are they going to a match and can take pictures? A great one for the blog to connect with your audience and build a relationship.

Can or do your staff support a team in the world cup? Share pictures of them in their Rugby shirts. Show it on the website, on the home page with a good luck message to which ever team.

Have you done a sweepstake? Let your customers know who has which country. Keep them up to date with the winners and losers with expressive pictures of your team happy or sad. Make it fun and light hearted, with character.

Can you adapt or tweak any current adverts you are running on Google, Facebook or in the press to give it a Rugby twist? Can you use words such a scrum, kick, try, prop, team, forwards, backs, hooker, conversion, penalty, rook and goalposts. Can you change the image used to give it a Rugby twist? Add a Rugby shirt, a painted face with a flag, a Rugby ball?

You could run a competition related to Rugby. It could be run online or offline, again depends where your audience is. There are plenty of services on the internet that help you run a promotion/competition on Facebook to engage with potential new customers, and we are talking in the tens of pounds, not hundreds.

The offer for Non Rugby fans

Can you produce a survival kit from your products or services? A kit that offers solace to those that wish to avoid the Rugby. If your services or products do not fit with this idea, then maybe you could make up a survival kit from your suppliers, other business friends, or just your own ideas. You could give it away with every purchase, or just as a give away to build up your list of potential future clients.

Can you offer a retreat away from the Rugby? A free DVD of your favourite film with every purchase of X. A spa voucher with X. A book token or amazon token, so they can read or download a book on you. Can you offer your own free eBook (if you have one) as a break from the Rugby. The book could be serious or helpful about your business, or it could just be a bit of fun.

Can you offer an online game related to your products or service to play instead? This may take a bit more time, but there are options out there that allow you to do this quickly if needs be.

The final one is to run a competition, again either online or offline to win an escape or a break. Something that fits in with avoiding the Rugby. Again it could be related to your services, or it could be a real escape to a spa or hotel. It’s not difficult to set this up on Facebook and is quick, all you need to do is decide on the prize that would attract your audience from above.

The Legal side

Remember you cannot put anything that looks like or implies the Rugby World Cup is associated with you or that the Rugby World Cup is endorsing your business or products. You also cannot use the Rugby World Cup logo either. This is not a complete list just a few obvious notes, so please check out the Rugby World Cup website for full terms and conditions.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, just do it, try it and monitor it. You may not get it right first time, but you will only learn what gets conversions and sales, by trying. So best foot forwards, kick the mundane in to touch and go for the win bonus.

If you want some help putting an idea together, then please do get in touch (01623 600620). We have the skills, experience and knowledge to quickly turn ideas in to reality and make a difference to your September and October results.

Remember, Just join in the fun as supporters, and use it to build stronger relationships with your customers.

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