Tick King is a retail-based watch repair and servicing specialist. We helped them turn their website into a lead generating machine and realise their goal of taking online postal orders – with brilliant results.

Tick King

Tick King are an independent watch repair and servicing specialist, operating from their retail outlet in the Victoria Centre in Nottingham. Traditionally they have replaced watch batteries, adjusted straps and bracelets, offered cleaning and polishing, and carried out mechanical servicing on higher end watches.

Whilst already successful with footfall in the shop, Tick King were looking to expand online and offer a fully insured postal service. They had online adverts, social media, blog content and a website already, they approached Xposure to better refine and integrate these separate disorganised marketing channels into a single marketing pipeline in March 2020.

This became critically important as shortly after Tick King signed up with XposureHUB the Coronavirus Pandemic was announced and shut down their retail operation.

Rebuilding the website

First we took over management of the website, and quickly rebuilt it to better suit Tick King’s requirements. This included an e-commerce online shop component to manage the large number of watch brands and services they specialise is.

Whilst they can easily repair any make or model of watch, these are very important for SEO and appearing in the rankings for specific searches online. Also seeing the high end luxury brands that Tick King often work with helps cement the expertise and skill of the technicians, to build trust with the website visitor – this is especially important if potential customers are going to trust Tick King to work on their expensive Swiss timepieces. To this end we also went through their existing blog, improving the SEO potential for each of the articles.

Communication with Customers

Next, we streamlined their email responses in XposureHUB. Whilst there’s too many variables to fully automate quotes and email questions, most communication with clients from the website can be handled with email templates which can be tailored for each client’s needs. This cuts down on the time responding to online enquiries.

The final step for email was to let Tick King’s customers know! We sent out a bulk email campaign that they were open for business during the pandemic and offering a postal service for all watch repairs, maintenance and battery replacements.

Sales Pipeline

We programmed a sales pipeline in XposureHUB, which keeps track of individual orders, from initial enquiry and quotes, to parts on order and watch dispatched back to the owner.

This predicts expected revenue from enquires, and also helps the team who are no longer working together in the workshop, but separately from home, keep track of where an order is in the process. We’ve customised this for them to automatically creating “to do” tasks when an opportunity is moved from one stage to another.

PPC - prioritising profit margin

Any watch can be repaired or serviced. But it’s much more profitable to perform a full Rolex-certified service than it is to swap out a battery on a high-street brand watch.

The spending on the google ads, remarketing and social media needed to reflect this – why spend £30’s worth of online adverts to convert the sale of a £10 battery replacement?

We scoured the existing advertisement listings, clearing out the less profitable adverts (the organic SEO from our work on the website would help replace these) to focus the advertising spend on the high-end services for greater return on investment.

WHat we have achieved

  • The first email that we sent out to customers resulted in a massive 327% increase in new enquires in 48 hours.
  • Cut the advertising spend by approximately £400 a month, with no resulting loss of traffic. In fact…
  • Rebuilt the existing website to better perform on Search Engines – this has so far resulted in 143% increase in traffic.
  • Integrated an e-commerce web store into the website so visitors can more easily find what they need.
  • Programmed a sales pipeline to better predict future revenue.
  • Built a template library of emails to ensure a consistent professional tone in communication with clients.
  • Provided video communication tools for clients and the team.

the future

In order to get Tick King’s new revenue stream up and running as quickly as possible, we had to focus on only a few key services. The next step will be to reintroduce the other offerings on the website, such as watch cleaning and polishing and the sale of watch straps and bracelets.

There’s potential of further automation, once an opportunity moves stage in the sales pipeline, we can automatically send an email to alert to the customer, for example that their watch is ready to collect from the store. There’s also smart chatbots, remarketing adverts and other services that can be integrated to provide an even better customer service.

We will be working in partnership with Tick King going forward to implement these services and see what other opportunities we can help them with

What our client says…

“Xposure have done an incredible job so far. The best part is that they’ve only just got started.”

– David Bowey, Tick King

Technology Used


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Visitor analytics

Form tracking

Visitor tracking

List building

Automated Workflows


Automated Emails

Dynamic Content




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About Tick King

Tick King are passionate about making sure their customers’ watches are performing to the highest of standards. Their watch technicians are highly experienced and use the latest equipment and innovations to provide customers with an efficient service, no matter the make or model of the watch.

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