Many companies are choosing to redevelop their website now because the online world has begun to leave many sites behind, with outdated designs. With this ebook, we intend to show you the benefits that the current online environment can offer businesses of any size.

An Introduction to Redeveloping Your Website

For businesses, the first real high water mark of the digital age was the boom in internet use that came with the new millennium and it took many businesses too long to get their brand established on the web.

Since then, advancements have only sped up and it has been hard for websites, particularly those run on a strict budget, to keep pace with the constant need for improvement and updating.

And now here we are, on the crest of next big wave, which, with these tips, should see your business sailing off into the sunset steadfast on the deck of your shiny redeveloped website.

Why Redevelop Now?

It seems to be all people are talking about but social media is changing everything. The nature of these sites has meant that engaging with audiences and keeping track of trends is more important than ever.

Social media is changing everything. People aren’t just sat in front of computers at home or at work though. Over a seventh of the world’s population have smartphones, meaning that websites should be responsive to browsing on mobile devices.


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Important Considerations

that we cover in our comprehensive, but easy to understand ebook

  • Your Website's Purpose

    Your Website's Purpose

    You don’t hire staff to make up the numbers, you hire them because you have a job that needs doing and it is no different with having a website.

  • Understand Your Audience

    Understand Your Audience

    Your website must also suit its intended audience - the people who buy your products, the people your business targets.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive Web Design

    The world is going mobile and many are predicting that mobile could eclipse desktop within the next couple of years - your website needs to be able to respond.

  • SEO


    Search Engine Optimisation is the relationship between your website and search engines, then making sure your website ranks as highly as possible in search results.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Social media is now a vital part of a company’s online presence and to be without means to miss a wide and accessible audience.

  • Measuring Goals

    Measuring Goals

    Finding out what works best with your website is necessary for knowing the return on investment you are getting and how best to evolve your online strategy.

What our customers are saying

Xposure came in to help us revamp our website and online marketing activities. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the team has helped us connect with more clients, more often, and out us at the cutting edge of our industry in terms of marketing.
Nigel Leehane
Managing Director, CRA Europe
From start to finish, our experience in engaging and dealing with Xposure has been completely satisfactory. We fully endorse their ability to listen and persevere to provide what we needed and wanted. They are a friendly and professional team who we would recommend whole heartedly.
Bev Parr
Financial Controller & Business Partner, B & J Parr
We've been working together for the best part of 15 years and Xposure has been instrumental throughout the growth of the brand.
Paul Mastin
Marketing Manager, Rainbow International