How to Use Twitter for Marketing and Public Relations

As one of the most popular social networking sites ever, with an average audience of (not telling! You’ll have to read our UK Social Media Statistics 2012 post!), it’s important that your company is using social media, and specifically Twitter, to its full potential for marketing and public relations purposes. If the thought of tweeting leaves you terrified and the prospect of a Twitter page makes you perspire, then give our latest blog post a read. With all the information you need to use Twitter effectively for your marketing and public relations.

1. Customer Service

Use your Twitter page as a forum for debate about your company. You can pose questions to find out what people think about you, or answer queries set out by them. Some brands have created their page purely as an arena to discuss and deal with problems that customers are facing (check out @geeksquad from Carphone Warehouse). This increased engagement with your audience will give you lots of brand advocates who can rave about how much help you give to your clients to sort out their problems.

2. Your MD

This is an excellent opportunity for your MD or head honcho to get to know useful contacts and customers. While many managers find that they want to contact and get to know their clients and useful connections, time can be a difficult thing to find. A great element of Twitter is its brevity. 140 characters does not need to take time at all, and as it can be done with a Smartphone on the move, it’s even better! Now, like never before, your MD can get to know customers, bloggers and journalists on a personal level, and really give your company a boost for customer satisfaction.

3. Media Relations

There are lots of bloggers, journalists and media industry professionals using Twitter, and the network can be a great way to communicate with them. You can build, develop or maintain relationships with useful media professionals who can help your news make the papers, magazines, journals or blogs that you desire.

4. Events

Should you hold your own event or take part in an industry exhibition, your Twitter page can be a great area to make announcements. From what’s happening, live updates to last minute changes, your Twitter can be the go-to page for your event. You can even create a hashtag that can be followed to keep up to date on occurrences and find out what is being said about the event.

5. Feedback

By creating your own hastags, or monitoring mentions of your brand name on Twitter, you can find out what people really feel about your brand. As Twitter can be notoriously honest (sometimes to its fault) people have an unrivalled arena for free speech and you should definitely take advantage of this! You can find out what’s being said, monitor and address problems to minimise bad press and maximise your excellent customer service reviews.

6. Offers

If you sell a specific product or service, Twitter can be a great tool to help you shift them! You can announce your offers instantly, for free, to a large audience of potentially interested individuals. Your offer can then be shared among your followers and then their followers, increasing your reach tenfold (and hopefully recipients of your offer).

7. Become a Brand Leader

Not only should you use Twitter to promote yourself, it should also be used to help you to become a thought leader. You can do this by gaining the trust of your followers and readers. This is easily done, post useful and interesting content regularly to give your followers a reason to visit your page. If you’re just posting offers constantly, it’s likely that people will become disengaged and un-follow! Gain your thought leadership by posting useful and interesting content constantly!

However you use your Twitter page, remember that rather than just 140 characters to be bashed out every so often. Each Tweet you do needs to be with your overall aim in mind. Think why you are doing it and what you want to gain from it and post to meet these criteria. As time passes you should be able to build yourself a very real and legitimate place on Twitter and in the lives of your audience.

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