If you’ve ever struggled with what to post on social media, these topical days can help inspire you what to post. After all, only a few people will like and share a post about your product or blog article, but you’ll get many more for a post saying “Happy New Year”, especially if you can pair it with a nice graphic and find a way to tie it into your brand or company.

1st May – Global Love Day

This day can be interpreted and promoted in many ways. You could use love in any way, it could be a passion for your business/industry, for your staff or people or things in your personal life. Remember when promoting your love, try and aim in towards your business as well. It’ll be beneficial to let your followers know about the love surrounding your business and this helps them create a positive image of your business in their mind. #GlobalLoveDay

3rd May – World Laughter Day

Try and complete the aim of this day – make people laugh! Whether it’s sharing a funny video or photo or whether you share a personal story/photo/video from your business that can make people laugh. #WorldLaughterDay

13th May – World Cocktail Day

During these hard times we all need to relax! Try and add a bit of fun to your page (if it’s age-appropriate of course) share cocktail recipes, maybe a story with a cocktail relating to your business or personal life, just try to post something helpful so that people can have fun at home. Ask people what their favourite cocktail is and to share recipes, this will help gain more engagement. #cocktailday

24th May – Brothers Day

You can promote this day in many ways, whether a biological brother or someone you consider a brother. There are many things you can share for this day, such as a story about them helping in your business, or helping you start it up in the first place, or maybe an old picture of you two together showing your appreciation for them. Also, interact with your followers, ask them about their brothers and ask to share photos or stories about them. #BrothersDay

30th May – Water a Flower Day

A lovely day created to remind people to water flowers, as they should be in ‘Full Bloom’ on this day. This is a good chance to focus on something positive in the world now, rather than the negative, whether you can go outside, in your garden or if you have any inside plants remind people to water them. You can also suggest places such as Amazon or your local garden centre to buy seeds and start growing flowers as something positive to start doing whilst having to stay inside. Interact with your followers by asking what flowers they have in their garden or what are their favourite type of flowers. #WateraFlowerDay

31st May – World Meditation Day

This day should be particularly important right now with the stress and anxiety that can come with the uncertain times at the moment. Meditation is great for calming and relaxation and something that can help a lot of people. You should talk about different ways you can get into meditation e.g. YouTube videos, books and online blogs. Share helpful insights with your followers and ask them if they have any recommendations for others as well. #WorldMeditationDay


Remember to always try and use the hashtag for the day (usually the name of the day) as this will get more engagement, also always try and link it to your business in some way (if possible) and happy posting for May! Subscribe to our newsletter here.

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