How John Cleese can help market your business

How John Cleese can help market your business

This week has seen the launch of a high profile advertising and marketing campaign by Specsavers featuring John Cleese.

Whilst watching this 30 second commercial I realised there is 1 big lesson in the ad, which we can all learn and take away with us as business owners, and it is this I want to share with you today. But first to help you understand a bit of background on the advert.


If you haven’t seen it yet, it involves John Cleese recreating a modern version of his famous Basil Fawlty scene with this broken car. The commercial for Specsavers brings instant recognition for the target market (the over 60’s) and in true Supersavers style delivers a memorable and funny advert.

Now Specsavers is a large organisation with much deeper pockets than you or I, but the creative idea behind the advert is something we can all learn from and one that has been used many times before.

There are many classic TV and film moments that have been used as inspiration for marketing, check a my favourite based on ‘Castaway’ with Tom Hanks.

So how can this be of help to your business. Well you don’t need to get the original actors/actresses or the big budgets to recreate those famous scenes. Just be creative. Or in other words, get it ‘Sweded’.

‘Sweded’ is the term used when you create your favourite moments from popular films or movies with just a video recorder and limited budget.

To get this to work in your business, you need to know your customer, their age range and preferences. Are they likely to have grown up watching Only Fools and Horses? Can you recreate the famous bar scene or chandelier scene, or a version of it that is relevant to your business or product?

It doesn’t have to be comedy either, it can be clever, emotional or scary, take a look at the new Stars Wars Trailer Sweded below (which is currently just short of £1M views).

To know if your customers are in to comedy or their age range, you can use Facebook and Google Analytics for guidance, but more on that next week.

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