How Homebase lost to Argos on Google Adwords

How Homebase lost to Argos on Google Adwords

Over the weekend I needed a new strimmer as my previous one had given up the ghost, so on a warm Saturday morning, I set off in search of a new trimmer, as you do. Of course being a computer geek, I armed myself with my laptop and I started searching on google.

Now to cut a long story short(er), I was in a rush as my wife was fetching the item on her way back from town, so I needed to evaluate and choose quickly. Homebase was the easiest place for her to get to, and of course they have a wide selection, so I searched on google for strimmers at Homebase.

The screenshot below is what came up.

Now being in a rush, I just clicked the first result that came up. I thought my search was pretty specific, it was bound to come up with results from Homebase… But no, I found myself suddenly on the Argos website. Ehh!

Now if Argos had been convenient, I may have stuck with them and chosen a strimmer (but the parkings terrible – so I didn’t).

So back to Homebase we went, but it could have been so much different.

So why was Argos above Homebase on such a specific search?

Well it’s all down to paying attention to your Google Adwords account. The big part to look for is the Quality Score in your adword account. This is the biggest factor in determining where your ad comes in the search results. Your quality score is out of 10 and the bigger the number the better your keyword. I.e. the more relevant your keyword is to the search terms used and the page it points to and the website it is on, the higher the score.

My search was not very relevant to Argos’s keyword as I had specified Homebase, but they managed to jump above, so how?
Google Adwords work by using a complex algorithm based on relevance, quality and cost. For Argos to appear above Homebase, their quality and cost (how much they are prepared to pay) parts must be doing very well, as their ad is not that relevant to me.

I would not expect Argos to be paying 5x or even 2x as much as Homebase, so a large factor in this result must be down to the quality factor and quality of Argos.

If we take a look at the screenshot, we will see much higher scores for Argos in terms of ratings, selection, and convenience, these all play a part in determining the result.

So if you run Adwords then pay attention to all your Adwords, and all factors. You could be giving away sales to competitors and not knowing it. Check your google Adwords account, and also check your analytics account, you need to use both to really focus in and create super successful Adwords account.

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