Euro 2016 Adverts Round Up

Euro 2016 Adverts Round Up

With only 3 weeks to go, the big brands are starting to roll out their Euro 2016 advertising campaigns with a bang.

Every 2 years we look forward to the creative ideas that the worlds leading advertising agencies come up with to align household brands with this years biggest sporting tournaments. This year it’s the Euro’s and here’s our pick of the best.

Carlsberg Euro 2016 – Call to Arms

Putting the fans at the heart of the game is a common theme amongst this years adverts. Carlsberg follow on from their ‘If Carlsberg did substitutions” with a call to arms for England. A great monologue to inspire and with such great lines as: Forget about work and get behind our footballers. Games are not just won on the pitch, they are won in the pub.

Mars Euro 2016 – #Believe

Mars are concentrating on the fans this year. Their ad depicts an invasion of England supports from all walks crossing the English channel and landing on the Normandy beaches.

Three Ireland Euro 2016

Three have put together a hopes and dreams advert for the Irish market. Following fans from all over the country making thier way to France for the start of Euro 2016. Includes a cameo role from Jack Charlton.

Carlsberg Euro 2016 – La Revolution

Another offering from Carlsberg. Attaching their famous strpaline to the French Revolution. It features ex-footballer Marcel Desailly as the leader of the french revolution, who leads the rising up of thre french people after a shortage of Euro 2016 tickets.

Lufthansa Euro 2016

One which you won’t be seeing on our British TV’s this year, but still funny none the less, is the offering from Lufthansa. Their ad depicts the prejudices of England fans, who end up travelling with Germans of a german airline to Euro 2016. Could there be anything worse?

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