Facebook Ad Experts

Facebook is a brilliant tool for advertising to your market, but with a myriad of options, it is easy for the novice to waste money by making costly mistakes. Our Facebook advertising experts will work with you to first identify your niche market on Facebook and then create a range of ideas on how to target them, successfully.


Facebook Ad Designs

Our designs can create exciting and compelling ads for Facebook that stand out on the page and attract clicks, downloads, sales or other interactions. Working with you, we can create a selection of potential ads and then test them over time to see what works best. We’ll then refine and hone those to make them the best performing ads possible.

Using video ads, picture ads or carousel ads, we can create interesting ideas and concepts to attract your potential clients to your business.

Persuasive Copy

The Facebook ads work on desktop, mobile and across an advertising network. Each one has different requirements and space available. Its important your advertising works across these different media. Each one has limitations on image size and copy size.

We have experience in produce compelling copy that works in short or long form for all media types. So every penny you spend is put to good use.

Clever Targeting

The real power in Facebook ads is in the targeting module. With a thousand different combinations available it’s important to understand what you are trying to achieve and who you are trying to target. It is easy to spend a lot of money for no return, by not understanding the power in the audience selection.

Unlike Google Adwords, Facebook allows us to target people rather than requirements. This is great if your target audience doesn’t know who you are and what you do. We can attract the right audience based on look-a-like, interested or even life events.

We work with you to create distinct groups that can monitored and tracked in regards to ROI. By tweaking and adjusting these groups over time we can minimise the reach of your advertising, whilst maintaining or improving on good ROI.

Analytics & Monitoring

Once everything is set up and running, it’s important to review the ads regularly. Over time the ads will naturally start to become less effusive as they head towards a saturation point. By reviewing tweaking and updating the ads, we can give them and your campaign a new lease of life.

Reviewing results is also important and making sure that ROI is maintained. As the campaign progresses we can run remarketing to those that have clicked, interacted, but not followed through. This is another great way to re-invigorate an old campaign.