• Do you struggle with building your audience on Social Media?
  • Don’t understand why your posts don’t get many likes or comments?
  • Don’t understand why marketing on Social Media is even important?

These are common questions, and with technology changing everyday it is hard to comprehend that sharing a picture or text on social media can impact your business but with billions of social media users, it helps you tap into a diverse audience with more footfall.

Strategic Social Media

With our expertise in social media management, we are able to help nurture your social media to gain more followers and brand recognition. This will help accumulate more attention from a larger audience, giving you more potential customers and an accountability when researching your brand and business.

In our Social Media marketing service, we include strategy, posting, stories and branding. These elements will help utilise your brand and accounts on social media. Our marketing combines reactive and analytical marketing to nurture customers and build your brand.

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PLATFORMS and their audiences


Facebook is arguably one of the firsthand the largest social media platform. This is a diverse platform is a larger audience than any other, they have great support for business and have great features to use for marketing such as events booking, post scheduling and being able to create a Facebook shop to see products from.


Twitter is a great social media to share short and snappy posts, its direct and has easy to read information due to the character limit on posts. Polls are one of its best features these are great for engagement and getting to know your audience better.


This is a platform perfect for business networking and corporate marketing, it is essential for b2b marketing and can be used for b2c too. You can build a brand for your business and also gain insight into your competitors.


A platform largely used for B2C marketing, with its new, update its become even more optimised for online shopping, with features such as product tagging and a main section on shopping.


Every month we send out some upcoming dates for your ‘social media diary’ to help you to tweet, post and share this month. These are here to help you boost your social media content and engage with relevant events and your audience.

Sign up to our monthly social media calendar updates, and have these dates in your inbox. Then you can plan ahead, and take advantage of trending topics with fun and relevant content.

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21st Century word of mouth

Social media marketing is a new audience for your business. By working together, creating engaging and relevant posts, polls, videos, images and competitions we can deliver more leads, more sales and higher brand recognition. Word of mouth works brilliantly on social media, make sure the words about your business are positive.

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Organic social media

Marketing organically means that we use no paid ads and just free platforms to market on Social media, we use free social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. By posting organically allows us to reach the audience that has intentionally following/looking at your page and nurture them down into the sales funnel.


Working together, we can help you plan and set up social media campaigns to help create new opportunities on social media, we can talk about your weaknesses and strengths and create a tailored plan to help you get what you want and more out of social media marketing.

Scheduling tools

Using our XposureHub service, we provide post scheduling to help posting at certain times to benefit from better engagement. You can post weeks in advance and plan and schedule an ‘order’ of posts for a competition or campaign you’re running.

Paid social media

Paid social media can be beneficial when wanting to grow and target your ideal audience. Using ads on social media means you can tailor who you want to see your social media account and reach people that will be likely to follow and interact to learn more about your business. Target those where your organic social media doesn’t reach. Pull new relevant people into your funnel and use it to test ideas and see which deliver leads and sales.

Keyword tracking

With our XposureHub service we can use keyword tracking on Facebook and Twitter to allow us to find discussions about your business and industry, this will help you find new clients and a new audience to market to. Tracking keywords helps find more audience to bring into the sales funnel and create more brand awareness to people that are likely to follow you.

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