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What is SharpSpring?

SharpSpring is a CRM and marketing automation platform designed to help you sell more to more people for less. It integrates a Marketing CRM database with email marketing, visitor tracking, lead generation, lead scoring, social media scheduling, campaign management and more.

Over 9,000 businesses rely on SharpSpring to improve communications and accelerate their sales processes. Harness the potential of powerful automations in your marketing and sales campaigns.

Grow your revenue

Collecting data from every aspect of your customer’s journey allows you to track your marketing efforts and see where improvements can be made. Campaigns can be designed for different personas and customer groups and optimised to grow your revenue.

Sales & marketing automation in one platform

By using SharpSpring as a single platform to manage your sales and marketing funnels important potential customer data can be collected, managed and analysed to find the small improvements that can be made at each stage of the funnel. Waste can be identified and eliminated and marketing campaigns can be analysed and improved to raise your ROI.

Comprehensive reporting & analytics

As all the tracking is in a single platform comprehensive reports can be requested and created. These can then be analysed to provide business data for meetings and acted upon to improve marketing spend and increase conversion rates.

SharpSpring is not a golden bullet

SharpSpring takes time to implement correctly. By first understanding your business and your marketing and sales funnels we can prioritise work and strategies to get the best return as quickly as possible. Trying to implement every aspect all at once leads to a mess of competing strategies and datasets that are impossible to learn anything from.

By planning and taking our time to focus on the real value in your funnels, we can quickly collect data and learn winning strategies that deliver an ROI for you and the business.


Start building your marketing and sales funnel in one platform

Get more from your budget and work with one of the leading SharpSpring platinum partners here in the UK. In business, every pound counts, so talk to us about getting more from SharpSpring, more ROI and more peace of mind knowing that we are working with you every month to make sure everything runs smoothly, turning leads to sales.

No long-term contract

You can decide to take a monthly contract, with only 30 days’ notice to cancel. Or a yearly contract which delivers savings over the monthly fee.

An example of Marketing Automation results using SharpSpring

We begin work with Tick king integration SharpSpring into their website and Sales & Marketing funnels resulting in the following:

  • The first email that we sent out to customers resulted in a massive 327% increase in new enquiries in 48 hours.
  • Cut the advertising spend by approximately £400 a month, with no resulting loss of traffic. In fact…
  • Rebuilt the existing website to better perform on Search Engines – this has so far resulted in 143% increase in traffic.
  • Integrated an e-commerce web store into the website so visitors can more easily find what they need.
  • Programmed a sales pipeline to better predict future revenue.
  • Built a template library of emails to ensure a consistent professional tone in communication with clients.
  • Provided video communication tools for clients and the team.
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Xposure is a SharpSpring Platinum Certified Agency

Xposure are experts in the digital marketing industry, providing lead generation services that utilise SharpSpring marketing automation tools. Combine this with our knowledge and expertise in operations, integrations and creative campaign development and you have a winning formula for UK-based companies.

We have experts in marketing automation who can work with you to build creative campaigns, set up tracking, analyse the results and build winning strategies that work 24/7 to raise your revenue, and improve your ROI, whilst reducing waste and costs.

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