Marketing automation has become a key part of modern marketing strategies because it helps B2B companies & B2C companies save time, resources and budget.

Automate repetitive tasks in your marketing campaigns

Using these tools, we can create automated emails, integrated landing pages, connected social media messages and other types of messages without having to manually repeat them for your different customers and leads.

Marketing automation is one of the fastest-growing technologies out there, according to Forrester’s Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 to 2023.



What is marketing automation?

When a potential customer enquires about your service or product, marketing automation can kick in and start nurturing them in your funnel to either vet them or educate them, so when your sales team get involved they are warm and segmented. This means you can spend less time on repetitive tasks and focus on higher-value activities.

Marketing automation software has become a key tool for online marketing and businesses, to automate various aspects of your marketing efforts – including (but not limited to) email marketing, social media, customer relationship, and sales management.

We use different automation platforms dependent on your budget and requirements – making sure that we offer the best value solution to fit your current needs.


The Benefits of
Marketing Automation

Our suite of tools allows us to automate many tasks related to your marketing and sales. It helps us create personalised messages for each customer, track their behaviour, and send them relevant offers at the right time. It can be used to send out emails, schedule social media posts, or even track website visitors, all based on your potential customer’s actions online.

Automation allows marketers to focus more time on growing relationships with customers rather than spending hours manually sending out messages.


Social Media Management

Customer Relationship Management

Email Campaigns

Dynamic Content

The Benefits of working with Xposure

When you partner with us for your marketing automation, you get access to our marketing team, with all our knowledge and experience on using these platforms plus access to the very best marketing automation tools.

We work with you on developing a marketing automation strategy and solution, offering a personalised experience to customers and potential customers. Mapping out your customer journeys and automating relevant aspects where possible.

You get access to all your customer data 24/7, analytical reports and dashboards when you want. Plus regular meetings to discuss results, changes and plan next steps.


What Marketing Automation isn’t

Marketing automation is not something you just ‘turn on’ and leave. It requires a holistic approach of feedback and analysis of data to constantly improve its performance. It is also not an alternative term for spam. It’s not a spray-and-pray email solution. A well-thought-out automation sequence is aimed at a particular audience and sub-audiences, so the communication comes across as highly relevant and personal.

It is also not a one-size-fits-all approach. We have frameworks and creative ideas which we can apply to your marketing automation, but it will need reviewing, tweaking and honing to get the very best from it. 

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Why use marketing automation?

Marketing automation, when done correctly will save your company, time, money and effort. It can automate the mundane repetitive jobs and free up employees’ time to concentrate on individual customers. It can gather information and feedback in the background. It can educate potential customers and answer repeating queries from existing customers. Below are a few examples…

Personalised workflows

Marketing automation allows companies to send personalized messages to their customers at scale. Based on existing knowledge, feedback and activity, it can segment your audience to deliver very targetted messages, at exactly the right time.

The result is increased customer engagement and higher conversion rates.

Drive more leads & sales

By providing relevant content when a customer or potential customer requires it, no matter what time of day, your business will be at the forefront of their mind, providing greater customer service and therefore driving more leads and sales from your marketing activity.

Streamline marketing processes

It can streamline your marketing processes. whether that is generating leads, nurturing potential customers or onboarding new customers. By working on your marketing automation systems, you can deal with more enquiries and customers more efficiently.

Marketing analytics
and reporting

The real key to generating effective marketing automation systems is the granular data the systems capture and making sure they talk to one another and share that data. Analysis and reporting on results, actions and data allows experienced marketeers to spot trends and efficiencies, so the system is continually improving and adding real ROI to the business.

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