Copywriting web pages – How much text is the right amount?

Copywriting web pages – How much text is the right amount?

When developing websites we often get asked “How much should I write?”. It’s a very good question and one that many business owners struggle to find the answer to.

Well the answer is fairly simple. With a bit of understanding, thought and common sense, it’s easy to understand how much is enough, and when you have reached that point.

We also hear comments, such as: “There’s no point writing lots, as no-one ever reads it”, or “Will bullet points do as no one has time to read a web page?”. Both of these assumptions are false and you should remove them from your thought process.

Visitors to your website have taken the time to find you and visit your site. They are there, because they are looking for answers to questions or a problem. If they can take the time to find you, they will take the time to read your website and seek to resolve their issue. In turn, you need to take the time and effort to provide the right information to help them.

To solve this problem we must at first understand the audience – the ideal person we want to visit the website. This is mostly definitely a customer. So think about your best customers, who they are, what characteristics do they share and try and piece together a typical or ideal client.

Think about what reasons they would visit your website, what problems do they commonly have that your service or product solves? Think about what questions they have about your product/service? What fears or doubts do you have to alleviate from them to trust you or your product.

Once you have a deeper understanding of this, then you will know what to include and what not to include on your pages, and you’re are 50% of the way to producing the right content for your website.

The next thing to think about is your brand and your ideal customers. How do they like to be communicated too? What is your brand style? The content should be written in a way that adheres to your brand, whether that is funny, friendly, innovative, technical or simple. Secondly it should be written in a way that your ideal client likes. This is where it’s a good idea to find out what magazines/newspapers are they likely to read, or TV programmes they watch. Look at the style of writing and communicating in them and see what tips you can get from them.

Only when you combine the right targeted content with an on-brand relevant style can you be sure that you are on to a winner.

So don’t short change your visitors, by under estimating how much you think they want to read. Remember no ones comes to a website and thinks I’ll only read 50 words. Visitors read as much that is relevant and engaging.

Of course we can always help you with this process – just drop us an email or give us a call.


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