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Redeveloping Your Website: The Design

Redeveloping Your Website: The Design The process of laying out your site consumes much of the wireframing process but it is also important to mention here. The most common layout for corporate sites – lead-generation sites in particular – is the three column structure, which features a bold header or banner, above three columns of content, […]

Redeveloping Your Website: Know Your Audience

Redeveloping Your Website: Know Your  Audience You know who the audience for your business is already – the people who buy your products, the people your business targets. Of course, in the perfect world our businesses would appeal to everybody, but that is just not the reality. Being strict on an audience makes things easier […]

An Introduction to Redeveloping Your Website

With technological advances come new capabilities and naturally a fair helping of doubt and complacency. Although it is so often forgotten, we humans are just animals with big brains and therefore we retain the animalistic instinct to be cautious around things we are unfamiliar with. It’s why kids will only eat chips while on holiday, […]

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