Calling all BBC Apprentice fans

It’s the start of October and that means the return of The Apprentice on BBC 1.

In our office, it’s something we have enjoyed over the past 13 years and in that time we have devised a simple game between ourselves to try and pick who will get fired each week.

Well, this year we have put our heads together and with some clever programming with some online marketing software (SharpSpring to be precise), we’ve managed to automate the process. This means anyone can join in and play along with us.

How to join in

It’s simple enough to have a go. Go to our Apprentice game page and select who you think will get fired this week. You just need to submit your choice before 8pm on a Wednesday evening. Also, you will need to pick your overall winner at this stage as there are bonus points if you are correct.

If your chosen fired candidate is in the losing team, you score 1 point. If they are then brought in to the boardroom you score a further 3 points and if they get fired (bingo!) you get a further 5 points. Meaning if you are on the nose, you score a maximum 9 points.

In the final, if your overall winner – wins, there is a bonus 20 points.

There are no prizes, just bragging rights and a bit of fun to spice up the watching of the Apprentice every Wednesday.

What to expect

Every week, we will email you to remind you to make your picks, with a link to our Apprentice game page. Then on Thursday after the show we will email you your score and your position in the league table.

We won’t send anything else to you, it’s just a bit of fun with The Apprentice TV show.

How it’s done

We’ve put in some clever programming and using SharpSpring at the core we can track who has picked whom and the points. Also used in the automation is Google Sheets and Zapier to bring it together. Your selections are made using a SharpSpring form, the details are added to your SharpSPring profile and then transferred using Zapier in toa Google Sheet. This then calculates the scores based on the results inputted after the show, feeds them back to SharpSPring that then personalises individual emails to each player on their score and position.


This contest is just a bit of fun, there is no prize (beyond bragging rights) or commercial gain for participating. This is 100% unofficial and not in anyway endorsed or affiliated with The Apprentice, Fremantle Media Ltd, MGM Television or the BBC.

All copyrighted material remains the property of the respective owners; Fremantle Media Ltd, MGM Television and the BBC.

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