8 Essential Ways to Improve Your Email Newsletter

A monthly, weekly or even daily newsletter (if you have the time!) can be a great way to increase engagement with your clients, suppliers and associates. As an opportunity to sell yourselves, your services and all your latest news, there really isn’t a good reason not to take advantage of all those names and email addresses you have, and start sending something out. We’ve been creating e-newsletter campaigns for ourselves, and for clients for some time now and an important part of the campaign is tracking, monitoring and analysing the results.  We don’t just send out an email and forget about it!  Using what you learn from the behaviour of your subscribers helps to constantly improve your campaigns.

In the extremely generous mood that we’re in, we’ve decided to share some of our most essential newsletter tips with you, our avid blog audience, so that you too can enjoy getting your first e-newsletter campaign out, or see improvements to an existing one through the implementation of these tips.

1. Start at the beginning

So you’ve sent a few issues of your newsletter out and seen an average enough response, now is the time to go back to the start and make sure that your subscriber list is accurate. Get rid of all those that have bounced, unsubscribed and general email addresses that are doing no opening. Your campaign is only successful if you have good data as a basis. It’s essential that you don’t just stick with what you’ve got, keep adding to it, and increasing your list to get a bigger reach and spread the word.

2. What do people like about your news?

Have a look at what people like about your newsletter, what they click on and what they don’t. You can do this either with the analytics from your campaign software (if it gives you that kind of information) or by sending out a quick survey once every so often to your recipients to see what they think about your newsletter, what they like and don’t like and what they enjoy hearing about.

3. Consider your platform

I don’t mean which email campaign provider your using here, a platform can be anything, from the start of the school summer holidays, the release of a film, a sporting event or national week. Having a platform to link your newsletter to is a proven method for increasing your open and click-through rate. Make sure that your content actually relates though, as you don’t want to irritate people and create high bounce rates.

4. Record your stats

Keep records of your data for each newsletter so that you can compare and contrast how successful each newsletter is, against the next. This is particularly useful if you send out your newsletter on different days of the week. You can find out from your stats, when the best time is to send your newsletter, from the percentage engagement figures over the different days and times.

5. New subscribers

Each time you get a new subscriber, remember to note it down in a different subscriber list to the main one, so that when your next email campaign comes around, you have a fully prepared new-subscriber list. I would devise a slightly different version of the email to be sent out to this list, welcoming new members of your email club, and explaining a little about yourself, as well as the standard content. This will help individuals feel like they’ve received a personal email (which they almost have!) and will increase engagement and click-through rates on newsletters to come. Experian studies have shown that engagement can increase by up to 63% in these cases.

6. Think mobile

If you haven’t already, make your emails mobile friendly. Studies show that almost 20% of emails are opened on mobile devices and the number can be even higher for specific industries. Make your email look great on mobile devices with large buttons and easily clickable links, for those with touch-screen smart phones. Have a plain text and HTML version of your email, as well as descriptive alt text in case your pictures don’t display properly. Remember that if you decide to offer a mobile friendly version of your email, to optimise your landing pages for mobile use. Its all well and good having an interesting and perfectly functional email, but if it leads to pages that the mobile can’t see, users won’t come back for more.

7. Media options

Change the media you use in your email by incorporating something other than text. We have found that our stories that include audio have been particularly popular, with lots of click-throughs and lots of listens. Consider including pictures, infographics, photos and videos, as long as you find content that is both interesting and relevant.

8. Consider QR

As you know, people are using mobiles more and more than ever before, so why don’t you play on this, and use a QR code to increase your subscriber list. Your QR code could be on anything, an advert, your letterheads, printed literature or even your business cards. Once scanned, the QR code could take the individual to a short subscription form, where you can boast about how great your newsletter is, what they can gain from it, and make them want to fill in the form.

Now we’ve given you the secrets, you have no excuse but to implement them, and create a truly brilliant email newsletter. Let us know how you get on in the comment boxes below!

Still finding it all a bit baffling?  Why not give us a call and let us take care of your e-newsletter campaigns for you?

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