Redeveloping Your Website: Start with Purpose

It is a good idea to think of your website as an employee and part of this is giving your digital labourer a specific role, or ‘purpose’. You don’t just hire staff to make up the numbers, you hire them because you have a job that needs doing and it is no different with having a purposeful website.


You may need your website to do a number of things but deciding on an overall website redevelopment strategy & purpose will mean that the site can be tailored to its primary function. This will rely on the type of business and where the website fits in the customer purchase process.

So, what job do you need your website to do? Here are the most common roles a website can play:

Sales Person

Predominantly the domain of the retail industry, the chief purpose of e-commerce websites is to sell. A website can be a way of reaching a much wider audience than can be achieved with a shop or catalogue. Therefore, the site must focus the customer’s attention on accessing an online store. This option is all about encouraging direct sales.

Marketing Assistant

If your website is employed to bring in more customers and improve your visibility, the role is all about lead-generation. The focus of lead-generation sites is to be seen in all the right places on the web, to bring people to the site and to encourage them to get in touch with you. With this purpose, the site must be especially geared towards interesting and enticing your audience, as well as making contact details easy to find.

Branding Executive

If your clientele doesn’t stem majorly from the web, it doesn’t mean you can let your website slack because people will still visit your site and will still judge your business on its appearance. The purpose here is to present your business as professionally as possible, whilst driving awareness, engagement and loyalty to your brand.

Can you easily associate one of these roles with your website?   Once you have identified the role of your website, set similar goals and objectives that you would expect a member of staff in this role to achieve, for your website. Keep your eye out for next week’s post on audience, it should be with you Friday.

Have a great weekend!

Es. 🙂


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