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Is shock-vertising more drama than it’s worth?

  Following the release of the latest United Colours of Benetton shock-vertising campaign featuring photoshopped images of religious and political leaders kissing, I thought an interesting and thought provoking blog would be to consider the effectiveness of adverts that are built to offend. With this in mind, scholars have been arguing for decades whether shock-vertising […]

Will you “like” the new Facebook layout?

Why does Facebook Keep Changing? I am perfectly happy with the way Facebook was, I was enjoying “liking” things and browsing my home page for updates from friends and relatives.  Contrary to my views, Facebook have announced this week, that coming our way is a brand new Facebook layout. With the new layout I can […]

Google Features Chapter 2- Google Adwords

Adwords As if Google couldn’t provide any more services for us, it launches the fastest growing social networking site ever set to rival Facebook, Google+. Although this is an important development in the social networking realm, it is a topic for another post. Today’s post is about Google Adwords and the issues and questions that small […]