Flying Start

Flying Start is a Free business guide written and given away by Stopford Associates. The guide gives new and start up businesses all the information, advice and knowledge they need to successfully start a business.

The old website was of a traditional design of several pages and looked old and out dated.

Our brief was to revamp the website. Update the ‘Flying Start’ brand image and make it a compelling proposition, so people visiting the site would download the guide.

Working with Stopfords, we dissected the guide and pulled out the most interesting and compelling parts of the offer and built a simple landing page, that takes a visitor on a journey on to why this guide is important and why you should download it. Using psychological techniques of persuasion, the web page answers frontally asked questions in the copy and 1 by 1 dispels the reasons why you wouldn’t download the guide.

The website has a simple form and lead data capture system, to maximise results and is mobile friendly and quick loading for on the go downloads.

The website is now live, but still new, but is already providing a steady stream of referrals. The next stage is to develop an automated lead nurture system to build a relationship with these fledgling companies and make Stopfords the no.1 choice for accountancy for their business. Visit the website at


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