Pinterest, what’s the point?

What’s all the fuss about Pinterest?

For the past month I have not been able to escape talk about the latest development in photo blogging websites. Bombarded by blogs and tormented by tweets, I have finally caved to find out about Pinterest and what all the fuss is about.

From a niche social network in December, Pinterest has skyrocketed to the “it” network of 2012.

But what is Pinterest?

No doubt you will have heard people talking about this latest site, and have looked on hoping your unspecific affirmation wouldn’t lead to further questions. But fear no more! Reading this blog post will give you all the information you need to know about Pinterest, and some stats to throw back at those who expect you to know nothing about it. You know the type, always the first to be on the site, love it for a week and then leave because someone else has joined?

A lot like the photo sharing network Flickr, Pinterest is an area that lets you organise and share interesting and beautiful things that you find on the web.

“People use pinboards to plan weddings, decorate their homes and organise their favourite photographs and recipes”.

Like other networks, you aren’t limited to your own profile; you can browse pinboards created by other people, discovering new ideas, inspirations and interests.

Pinterest say their mission is to connect the world through the things they find interesting. Millions of new pins are added each week, so it looks like their mission is slowly becoming a reality.

The Facts

So, you’re interested but what else is there to know about Pinterest? Well, here are the top 11 facts about the site to help find out if it’s for you.

1. Pinterest has 10.4 million registered users and is growing daily!

2. Visitors to the site increased by 429% from September to December 2011.

3. Daily Pinterest users have increased by 145% since the beginning of 2012.

4. In the UK, the majority of Pinterest users are male, 56%, as opposed to America, where the Pinterest audience is 97% female.

5. The top interests of the site are venture capital, blogging resources, crafts, web stats analytics and SEO marketing.

6. Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as two or three times as effectively as Twitter was at a similar time in it’s development.

7. According to Comscore, the average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month on the site, compared to 2.5 hours on Tumblr and 7 hours on Facebook.

8. Pinterest itself only has 16 employees!

9. 80% of all pins are re-pins, which really illustrates how much of a sharing arena the network is.

10. Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn combined (but still not as much as Twitter).

11. You can log in to Pinterest through Facebook, and connect each account together and 1/5 of those doing this, use Pinterest every day (this is equivalent of 2 million people!).

Why join Pinterest?

From a personal point of view it can be a great way to extend a hobby or browse hobbies of others to gain inspirations. It can help you decorate your house, or even plan your wedding. From a professional point of view, the forum is a great way to showcase your latest work or products. American not-for-profit organisations have already started to use the site to promote themselves; with the audience ever-growing it really isn’t a site to be ignored!

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