How You Can Be the Spielberg of Video Blogging

A couple of weeks ago, we gave you all the info you needed to create your own YouTube channel. Undoubtedly you strode confidently to work the next day logged on to your computer and began to create your channel with all the finesse of a marketing professional. But now you have it, all set up and branded to perfection, you have to admit that there might be something missing, something visitors may miss, only a minor thing. This missing element is dynamite, fantastic, gripping, relevant and entertaining content i.e. video blogs! But how do you achieve the dizzying heights of such content that will simultaneously interest your audience and promote your brand? I hear you say…

Well look no further, your answer is here, in our second post about YouTube and video blogging for business. Predicted by many to be the main platform for blogging in 2012, video blogging is something that all businesses should at least consider due to its continuing popularity. Although you might feel that there isn’t much worthy enough of the big screen, in your business (and lets be honest there probably isn’t as not all businesses are blockbusters). I can bet, however, that there is a lot that you could broadcast on the small screen, the computer, laptop or phone screen to be exact!

If you follow these tips, you should easily create a video blog that is engaging, interesting and overall, successful!

First thing’s first, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment to do the job. Although this can result a small investment on your part initially, it will mean audiences will stay with you for longer, as no one can bear to watch constantly shaky footage of a talking silhouette in a darkened area for long periods of time. Well except for Cloverfield fans, if they exist…

Get your best Sherlock Holmes costume and begin snooping and spying at what others are doing. Your competitors may have their own YouTube channel and may even have already created content for it, and if they have, it is important that you check it out. See what videos are the most popular, which ones people don’t like, read their comments (which can be entertaining at any rate, due to that wonderful freedom of speech that we have) learn from their mistakes, making your video blogs the best around.

As good as you think you are at ad-libbing and blagging your way through or out of situations, a blog is a different kettle of fish. Make sure you have fully planned what you are going to do and say so that your videos are concise and entertaining, as opposed to waffely and irritating.

How often are you going to do your video blog? Is it a daily, weekly, monthly edition? It doesn’t really matter how often you do it, as long as it is consistent, so that your audience know when to expect your video. They may even look forward to it!

Make sure your video isn’t too long, 3-5 minutes and no more is the optimum length. No one’s expecting, an epic adventure with with hours of classic scenes, keep it short and sweet to keep users interested. If you really can’t trim it any more, consider having a two-part episode over a couple of weeks on one topic. This will keep audiences coming back, whose appetite was wet with the first installment.

Although you need to maintain what you business does and inform people of the products you sell, your blog is not an advert and you need to remember this. This means that you can’t go on the hard sell, well not without losing a vast majority of your viewers, which is up to you. Have subtle references, and blatant ones at the start and the end, but keep references to your business free from the middle content, which should be useful and interesting to your target audience.

Keep your tone consistent as constant changes can leave audiences feeling confused or lost. Sort out with others at your business what your tone should be and then keep it in this manner throughout so that people recognise it’s you from the second they start watching your video.

Most importantly of all, don’t be boring! Although keeping your blog consistent is important, if you don’t have good content, don’t post! Make sure you achieve a sterling reputation through consistently creating magnetic content.

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