How to Create an E-Newsletter You Can Be Proud of

Why should I have an e-newsletter?

It’s more work on top of what you already do, it takes time that you don’t really have, and you can’t be bothered.

Why wouldn’t you have an e-newsletter?

It took us awhile to embark upon the voyage to producing a newsletter to go out to the hundreds of email addresses that we have accrued over the years but as soon as we finished the first copy and watched it get opened on the world map view, we were hooked. Our baby was taking its first steps into the outside world, and was doing really well, actually. We have had some more since then and although the release isn’t as nerve-wracking and the anticipation as tense, it is really paying off, and already one of our staff has had a radio stint on the BBC. So it can pay off!

If I put the time in, what do I get out of it?

An e-newsletter can really be what you want it to be, the world is your oyster, you climb the highest mountain, become the richest person on earth. Well sort of, I mean you are limited to email format, so maybe not all that, but you can maintain and establish really close relationships with clients (this should help you on the way to becoming the richest person on earth) so they come to you with issues, instead of competitors. This is also an opportunity to send people to your website, something that you should do as often as possible so that you can sell them your products and services.

What needs to go into an e-newsletter?

This is where we come in, sit back and take in the 10 Xposure tips for creating a smashing e-newsletter.

  1. It may sound silly to mention it (but to avoid any trouble later I will) make sure that you know why you are writing it. Obviously for the reasons I have concisely stated above, but there may even be a more specific purpose to your letter. Are you advertising what you do? Do you have a really good offer that you want to share with everyone? Has there been a development in your business that you want your clients to know about? Or did you just have a really good breakfast and you thought you’d share it? What ever your reason is, keep the theme focused and consistent throughout, but remember to avoid the hard sell, as it can really put people off.
  2. If you can, establish recurring columns and features for each issue. These can be whatever you want them to be (within reason-maybe keep your more controversial views to yourself). Maybe you have an interesting fact, a joke, a testimonial from a client that you have recently done work for. It doesn’t matter what your features are, as long as they are there waiting for your audience when they open up your email.
  3. Don’t have full articles in your newsletter, this is personal preference (but there are methods to the madness). If you put a teaser paragraph into the email that goes out which contains a link to the full article which is found on another site, then you can now track what your clients look at within the email so that you know what stories they like best. Was it the top 10 tips for Facebook pages, or was it a picture of the snow in your garden? (not the most original idea).
  4. It is likely that you have a personality (if not skip to number 5), so make sure that you are more than your business. Speak your opinions, crack a few jokes and don’t be afraid to let it shine through, as people love other people and not businesses.
  5. Your articles need to be worth reading, remember that! If you look at your newsletter and are not even remotely interested in it then this is a bad sign, probably a stop sign, or a turn round and start again sign. Don’t just include information about your business, have topical news and information about others so it isn’t just me me me!
  6. From research, tips and advice are the best at grabbing attention (hence this blog post). Having clear, numbered and structure lists, encourages people to read in the first place, and stay there till they finish it.
  7. Mix up the media you use within your newsletter to keep it fresh and interesting. No one wants a full newsletter of text staring them out, intimidating them. Have links to videos, cartoons, pictures, quizzes or anything else that you find interesting or relevant to your industry/ newsletter.
  8. You could even make your newsletter interactive, by including polls or surveys to make sure that your audience feel like their opinions count and that they can have their voices heard.
  9. Your subject line for each e-newsletter that goes out is really important. Make sure that your subject line makes people want to read on. Avoid using offers like 50% off, as these look like junk and are often filtered by the spam filter on the email system. Try to include a title of an article within or a couple, something that will make the client want to open it to find out more.
  10. Add analytics to your campaign so that you can look back over the posts you have written to see which ones are the most popular and the ones that people enjoy most, then you can recreate similar posts for up-coming issues to give the audience what they want.

Addressing what your audience want is always key to a successful newsletter. Get cracking on your own, and send them to us so we can have a look! Alternatively, for an example of a truly tremendous e-newsletter fill in the form with your details and receive ours! It’s great… honest.

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