Guerrilla marketing ideas for small businesses

When I was in New York, amongst all the other wonderful and amazing things within the fascinating film-set streets something I did notice a lot of, was Guerrilla Marketing.

I’m not talking about the Phil Collins Cadbury Dairy Milk advert, no Guerrilla Marketing is something completely different. Straying away from traditional marketing methods, Guerrilla marketing uses unconventional and creative ways to promote individual products or entire brands.

Given the continually trying economic times we are currently going through, inventive ways to get your products and services in the minds of your desired clients are increasingly important. Guerrilla marketing doesn’t have to mean high costs or the investment of time, it can be quite cheap, ranging from something as simple as putting posters for your business up in useful places or as spectacular as hiring the side of a skyscraper in New York.

Although there are some truly unique examples of Guerrilla marketing out there, sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that can be the best, and here is Xposure’s list of Guerrilla marketing ideas for small businesses.

1. T Shirts- It’s nothing new, but it’s proven to really work! Buy enough T shirts for your staff (friends and family too, if they oblige) and get your business printed on them. You could include your address, number, logo and QR code, but with the world as it is today (and with Google becoming a verb) its more than likely that once the individual knows your business’s name, they will be able to find you.

2. As well as wearing your brand and logo, why not drive it too! Get your car branded! You could get your car, van, or bike branded either with a simple stencil of your business name and logo, or go for a more exotic vehicle wrap, covering your entire vehicle. You are then becoming a moving billboard, constantly advertising your brand wherever you go.

3. Strategically place your literature in relevant places where your customers spend their time. If your business is a car repair company then consider placing your leaflets in a towing company’s depot, for a book shop, place leaflets in a library or university, maybe even commuter trains for those who want some entertainment on their journeys. You could even tailor each leaflet, depending on where it will be placed, to address a specific need.

4. To get away from the cost that placing your flyers in strategic locations could incur, try swapping flyers with businesses that complement yours. To give them an incentive, offer them a space for their flyers at your premises in exchange for a placement at their’s.

5. Network! Not quite Guerrilla marketing,but it can be a great way to make valuable business contacts. Local communities are often encouraged to work together to ensure development and survival of businesses in the area. These kind of events and meetings which could include chamber meetings, or business breakfasts could be a great way to make useful contacts and further your business in your local surroundings.

6. In the style of batman, why not project your logo onto the side of a building? Move it around the town, in places where there will be lots of pedestrians and drivers to see it. Make sure you do it after dark too for maximum impact.

These should start to get your brand known all over your local area. Thinking outside of the box and using methods that are creative, but not costly can really help you to become an industry leader, and become the business at the forefront of people’s minds.

Here are some fantastic examples of really creative Guerrilla marketing campaigns.

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