Google Features Chapter 6: Google Docs

As if Google doesn’t already given us enough freebees, with Google+, Alerts and keywords all vital to our business, they are giving us yet another application for free! Google Docs. This online portal gives you the opportunity to save work online and use document programmes and combine company calendars to create a single arena for lots of different elements of the business.

This latest chapter in the Google Features series will explain the benefits of the system and some great features available to your when using Google Docs for your business.

  1. Use Google Docs as a Web Drive. Google allows you to upload a file of any type to the internet, and use it as an online storage space. As the storage is situated online, it gives you the opportunity to access files from anywhere at any time. You won’t be caught short again!
  2. With the calendar feature of Google Docs, you have a good outlet to share notes and times from meetings. These documents can be attached to a specific date in the calendar and can be modified and viewed by those with permission indefinitely.
  3. If you are having a particularly effective brainstorming session with one of your colleges, including flow charts, then Google Drawing is a great tool within the Docs package. It allows you to add completed diagrams to documents, spreadsheets or presentations.
  4. Sharing your Docs is of extreme importance to Google. They are keen to have everyone using Google Docs so once you have finalised your privacy settings decided, potentially you can share your Docs with anyone! This includes even those who don’t use it! By choosing the correct privacy option, whether it is the general public, anyone with the link, or strictly those invited, you can share the knowledge on your Docs easily, with whomever you want.
  5. You can easily combine files and images that you already have, simply by clicking and dragging images into documents from your hard drive to your browser window.
  6. Even inserting links is easy, and a popular way to insert a hyperlink into a text document. Simply click insert followed by link or simply control-k.
  7. When you are working on a particularly long document with a number of pages, at some point you will inevitably need a rest and this is where Google Docs gives another invaluable feature. Their unique way of bookmarking means that you can create links to places that you have bookmarked in order to jump straight to the place where you last were (an excellent feature when creating contents tables).
  8. If you work with multiple currencies within your business, then Google Docs will work well with you, as it allows you to work within more than one currency per spreadsheet. Initially you will need to create a base currency, but despite this you can elect cells to display different currencies of your choice.
  9. Forms are probably the best way to get information from people, as they have an easy lay out with questions and answers to fill in, however it can be difficult to show them in spreadsheet. To do this you need to open a spreadsheet and click on the Form menu, then choose “create a form” and in the window that appears, type your first question and specify the format in the drop down menu, and from multiple choice to plain text depending on the question. To add further questions hover your cursor over sample question 2 and click the pencil icon and repeat the above process. Once this has been done email the form to the people that you wish to fill it out and once they have, the information will appear at the top of the spreadsheet.
  10. Have drawings within presentations, rather than having numerous applications open, and moving them across from one to the other. Click insert and then drawing and the commands will open up a drawing interface in a floating window. Once you’re done, save it and insert it into the presentation and re-size to fit.

These are just the top 10 tips for Google Docs but undoubtedly there are numerous other advantages, what have you found most desirable about it? Let us know how your business uses Google Docs by commenting on this post!

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