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Copywriting web pages – How much text is the right amount?

Copywriting web pages – How much text is the right amount? When developing websites we often get asked “How much should I write?”. It’s a very good question and one that many business owners struggle to find the answer to. Well the answer is fairly simple. With a bit of understanding, thought and common sense, […]

7 Key Things to Include in Your Press Releases

Press releases can be a highly effective way of marketing your company. Not only can they help you achieve much wider visibility, they can also make your brand a real authority figure in your field. In our previous post, we spoke in a bit more depth about the benefits of this method, now here are our tips on what to consider before producing great press releases!

PR Stunt? Or Human Rights Breach?

South by Southwest technology conference is known for the latest developments of the industry, and fantastic new products to really get the tech mad individuals talking. But this year’s conference has received publicity of a different sort, following a controversial decision by one of the events main participants. BBH Labs marketing agency, launched a campaign […]

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