Branding & brand marketing is about building your brand through the marketing of your products or services. Once your brand identity and brand strategy have been carefully created to meet your needs and the needs of your audience, they can be applied through branding to achieve your overall goal of becoming a brand leader, and the first point of call for your target markets. Covering graphic design, web design and development, advertising, PR and sponsorship, brand marketing is an integral part of your strategy that we’ll work with you to maintain and develop.

Corporate Literature

where do you need to be in your market place? Who are your competitors? Where are they? How do you beat them. We have tools and strategies that can position you in your sweet spot in the market place. A defined strategy and goal on how to you can become the no1 place for you do in your customers mind. Understanding your target audience is key.

Brand promise

What is the core promise of your brand? what is it you do better than anyone else? how do you find this out? How do you stick to it? The brand promise is the core of what you do. It is the soul of your company. Hard to define but everywhere you look, or should be. It is this that makes it easy for a client or prospect to known and remember what you stand for, and understand how you different to everyone else.


Making sure your message gets across in the right way to the right people. Making sure in resonates with your audience. If you remove your logo from your website printed literature, advert, will people still recognise it as yours? This is through the design copy and images.

Brand Personality

Through design, copy and functionality your brand personality needs to come through on all your marketing material, (and all other customer touch points). Through understanding of 3 core things. The company, the audience, the marketing vehicle, we make sure nothing is lost in translation and the strongest possible message is received from everything you do.

Brand Guidelines

Making sure that nothing undermines your brand that you work tireless to build is important. Brand guidelines are not just a set a rules but a booklet of culture that defines who you are why. It explains and delivers the story of your company, and how to make sure the intangibles are keep consistent through everything there company and individuals do. A multi­channel identity, making sure everything is on brand across all channels online and offline. Tone of voice and design is consistent.


Handing over control of your brand to an external party can be scary. But we work with our clients constantly to make sure that your brand is kept on track. You have enough to worry about and enough hats to swap through out your working day, so our monitoring service ensures consistent throughout.

Looking to rebrand or strengthen your existing brand?

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