Are you using LinkedIn for your marketing?


As I’m sure you are aware, LinkedIn is there for business, that’s what it’s all about. Unlike other social networks, the average wage for participants on the site is £50,000 and above. This is where the people with power are, and this is where you need to conduct effective marketing. LinkedIn is approved by search engines meaning that it ranks well on Google, and this will organically bring people to your website.

In order to conduct effective marketing on LinkedIn, these are the tips that you need.

LinkedIn is a lot more effective than you imagine and what you say on LinkedIn, can actively affect your business.

Similar to newspapers and magazines, your headline is really important, it is the first thing that the person who is viewing your site will see.

To create the best headline, remember to include:

1. Who you are

2. Who you work with and how you help them.

Make sure that you use as few words as possible making it concise and compelling, which will increase the chances of repeated visits to your profile, which are more meaningful than one-off profile views.

Get personal- although you need to remember that LinkedIn demands professionalism, the first part of your summary needs to include a little information about yourself. Let’s be honest, it isn’t really that interesting to just reading someone’s CV. People are naturally more interested in other people than they are in businesses and academic/work achievements. Have a small section about your goals and the things that you are passionate about, showing your enthusiasm.

Spell check all the way through, there are so many profiles on LinkedIn, that it is important to show your dedication and attention to detail, by including bios without any errors. A lot of potential customers and others in general are completely turned off by spelling mistakes. You don’t want to miss out on that life-changing deal because of your their’s and there’s!

It sounds strange, but its really useful to include a call to action. Don’t waste time on your epic bio (instructions for the best ones here) to lead your viewer to nowhere, this will mean that all your hard work will have been nothing for nothing.

Make sure that in at least one part of your LinkedIn page, there is a link telling viewers where to go for more information or a number to call to chat to you. Give your customers a place to visit next and a reason to go there.

Make sure that you’ve got social proof, as this dramatically helps the level of influence you have on your audience.

LinkedIn gives you three direct steps to improve your social proof:

1. Education- credentials that show your value to your brand, having university education on your profile, adds authenticity and key knowledge.

2.  Awards- Brag, this is one of the few places you can truly brag without being seen to be big headed. The more awards you have, the value will be added to your brand, so go for it!

3. Recommendations- These ring even truer than the comments you have made, because they are in the words of your customers, showing your potential audience what kind of service you deliver.

Include keywords from your industry within your profile, not so many that it becomes hard to read, but enough that it significantly improves your search engine ranking. If you aren’t sure what your keywords are, consider what those looking for your industry or service would type into Google to find you, and these are your keywords.

To increase your presence further, add LinkedIn’s blog application to combine with your Twitter, Facebook and blog. Your blog should be filled with keywords, and will help your SEO ranking quickly.

Given the 130 million LinkedIn profiles currently on there, there is a risk that you could easily get lost in the masses. To make sure this doesn’t happen and that you stand out from the masses as much as you can, use magnetic copy and information that keeps people coming back for more.

LinkedIn really is an untapped resource and has much more potential than it is used for by most, if your profile is interesting enough and you work hard to engage your audience, you can be one of the few people using LinkedIn to its full potential.

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