Meet the Team

As a group of individuals, we all have our own strengths, personalities and points of view. Put us together to create a creative marketing team and we have depth, a wide range of honed skills and a way to make an impact.

Managing Director

There is nothing I enjoy more at work than seeing a busy studio, with people enjoying the buzz of solving great projects. As the ‘engine driver’ of the business, I work hard to make sure our clients smile when they see the work from our team and the results we achieve. My favourite part of the job, is meeting new clients, learning about new businesses and seeing the great ideas our clients have built their businesses on. We are always learning, and I often learn lots from our clients, as well as them learning from us.

Operations Director

I'm the resident writer and 'sorter outer' of things round here. If the old adage that 'we're all better at things that we enjoy doing' is true, then I'm really good at writing. When I'm not at work writing your adverts, press releases, speeches, statements and brochures, I'm at home writing articles, songs and stories. I'm also a professional radio presenter and voiceover artist, so there's a good chance you will have heard my voice whilst driving around The Midlands and Yorkshire. I love talking to people. Whether it's about your business, the Great British Bake Off or which your favourite Stevie Wonder song is, I can talk about it.

Lead Developer

I like to think of myself as a toolkit, as a team we can create your vision, and I yield the tools to build your online world. Having a vast experience within the digital world, I am constantly aiming to find the latest and most robust technologies to utilise.

Online Marketer

With an academic background in journalism, linguistics and rhetoric, I’m constantly learning more and more about all aspects of marketing. My aim is to give every article an interesting angle and to help your brand achieve the visibility it deserves. Sometimes to be found in the corner of an old pub behind a good book and a pint of real ale is a music anorak and an avid follower of football, concealed beneath a mop of curly hair.

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